Conference Programme

A detailed programme for each day of the Conference will appear here in the spring, and agenda items will be uploaded from mid-May.  In the meantime, you can download a provisional timetable for the Conference below, right.

Conference Programme

2018 Programme

28 June

Thursday 28 June

  1. 14:15 Presbyteral Session Opening and Holy Communion

    1. Presbyteral Session Opening and Holy Communion
  2. 15:45 Tea Break

    1. Tea Break
  3. 16:15 Presbyteral Business

    1. Presbyteral Business
  4. 18:45 Adjourn

29 June

Friday 29 June

  1. 08:30 Holy Communion

  2. 09:15 Presbyeral Business

  3. 11:00 Coffee Break

  4. 11:30 Presbyteral Business

  5. 12:45 Lunch

  6. 14:15 Service of Thanksgiving and Remembrance

    1. Service of Thanksgiving and Remembrance
  7. 14:45 Break

  8. 15:15 Presbyteral Business

  9. 16:15 Tea Break

  10. 16:45 Presbyteral Business

  11. 18:45 Adjourn

30 June

Saturday 30 June

1 July

Sunday 1 July

2 July

Monday 2 July

  1. 08:30 Holy Communion

3 July

Tuesday 3 July

  1. 08:30 Holy Communion

4 July

Wednesday 4 July

5 July

Thursday 5 July

2018 Conference Timetable

2018 Conference Timetable

The provisional timetable for the 2018 Conference is available below (pdf file).  The times currently shown for business sessions may change as the agenda develops, though it is not expected that they will vary by very much.  In the meantime, we hope that you'll find them a useful guide.

Timetable for the 2018 Conference  (Thursday 28 June - Thursday 5 July)

Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship

The service held at the Conference in 2017 is still available to view. You can watch the service again on the left, or download it here.

Reception into Full Connexion and Sunday Worship 2018 will be streamed live from 10.45am on Sunday 1 July.  There will be a test stream available from about 10.15am if your church wants to get set up to join us by watching live.  Alternatively, you’ll be able to watch the service later in the day, as soon as we can upload a recording to this website.

If you would like to base your service on Conference Sunday Worship you will be able to download an outline and the hymn lyrics from this page, all ready for you to cut and paste into your own order of service.  This material will be available in early June.

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