Methodist Council

Future Dates

11-13 April 2015
12-13 October 2015
27-28 January 2016
2-4 April 2016 

The Methodist Conference is the governing body of the Methodist Church. As Conference only meets once a year, the Methodist Council undertakes ongoing work on behalf of the Conference. Council meets quarterly.

11 - 13 April 2015
Woodland Grange Hotel, Leamington Spa


MC1527 Matters Arising

MC1528 Decisions Made Since Last Meeting

MC1529 Report From The SRC 

MC1530 Consolidated Accounts 

MC1531 PASLEMC Valuation Report 

PASLEMC Statement of funding principles, Recovery Plan and Schedule of Contributions

MC1532 MMPS Valuation Results

MMPS Statement of funding principles, Recovery Plan and Schedule of Contributions

MC1534 Safer Recruitment

MC1535 Practice Guidance On Carrying Out DBS Checks

MC1537 Positive Working Together 

Positive Working Together Guidance Document (Word document)

MC1538 Called To Love and Praise

MC1539 Connexional Grants Committee 

MC1540 Ministries Committee

MC1542 Connexional Central Services Budget

MC1543 Releasing Properties For God's Mission

MC1544 World Church Relationships

MC1545 UMC Concordat

MC1546 Fellowship Groups

MC1547 Larger Than Circuit

MC1548 CPF Levy Review

MC1549 Recording Pioneering Fresh Expressions

MC1550 Investment Property

MC1551 Connexional Allowances Committee 

MC1552 Marriage and Relationships

MC1553 Clarifying Membership

MC1554 Accessibility to the Conference

MC1557 Joint Covenant Advocacy and Monitoring Group

MC1558 Inter Faith Relations

MC1559 Faith and Order Committee

MC1561 One Mission Forum 

MC1562 MIST and MAST Merger

MC1563 Southlands College and SMT 

MC1564 Lobbying Act Guidance

MC1566 Committee Appointments

MC1567 Safeguarding Guidance For LEPs

MC1568 Cliff College Terms of Reference

MC1569 Disciplinary and Grievance Policies