Officers of the Conference

Platform party


Revd Loraine N Mellor

 Loraine Mellor


Ms Jill Baker

 Jill Baker

President Designate

Revd Mickey Youngson

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Vice-President Designate 

Bala Gnanapragasam

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Secretary of the Conference

Revd Gareth J Powell

 Conf -Gareth -Powell -0515

Assistant Secretary of Conference 

Revd Dr Jonathan Hustler

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Officer for Legal and Constitutional Affairs

Mrs Louise Wilkins

 Conf -Louise -Wilkins -0515


Other Officers and the Conference Secretariat

Most are seated on the front row.

Chair of the Conference Business Committee

David Walton

The Business Committee meets twice daily during the Conference to ensure that all items of business are allocated sufficient time for debate, and that all business is completed.


Record Secretary

Revd Dr Colin A Smith

The Record Secretary records all the decisions made each day and compiles them into the Daily Record which is distributed to all members of the Conference

 Conf -Colin -Smith -0515

Journal Secretary and Assistant Record Secretary:

Revd Jenny Dyer

The Journal Secretary compiles the Conference Journal which is the complete record of the Conference.

 Conf -Jenny -Dyer -0515

Secretary of the Memorials Committee:

Martin Harker 

The Memorials Secretary presents the memorials from Circuits and Synods, together with the replies proposed by the Memorials Committee. He can be consulted by members of the Conference seeking clarification about the replies.

 Conf -Martin -Harker -0515

Representative of the Faith and Order Committee:  

Revd Dr Nicola Price-Tebbutt

Nicola is the Secretary of the Faith and Order Committee which considers all matters touching on the faith and order of the Church.



Others who assist the Conference

Deacon Eunice Attwood can be approached to give guidance on the writing of Notices of Motion.

You can reach her by email

 Eunice Attwood

Representative of the Law and Polity Committee:

Elizabeth Ovey

Elizabeth, along with Louise Wilkins, advises the Conference on legal and constitutional matters.

 Conf -Elizabeth -Ovey -0515

Lead Connexional Treasurer:

Revd Tim Swindell 

The Treasurer must be consulted regarding the potential costs of any Notice of Motion prior to submission.

 Tim Swindell

Letter writer

Revd Alan Ashton  

Alan writes letters of greeting that are agreed to be sent on behalf of the Conference.

 Conf -Alan -Ashton -0515

Co-ordinating Chaplain:

Revd Jill Warren

Jill is available for pastoral conversations.  She can be contacted through the Conference Help Desk.

 Conf -Jill -Warren -0515