Notices of Motion

Submitting a Notice of Motion

Standing Order 132 reads as follows:   

132 Notices of Motion. (1) Subject to Standing Order 131(4) any two members may upon notice of motion complying with this Standing Order bring before the Conference any lawful resolution within the competence of the Conference.

 (1A) Every notice of motion shall be handed to the Secretary in written form and signed by the following persons:            

(i) where the proposal is to amend a resolution and those responsible for presenting that business to the Conference are prepared to accept it, the proposer and seconder of the motion;

(ii) where such a proposal to amend is not accepted by those responsible, the proposer and seconder and four other persons;

(iii) in all other cases, the proposer and seconder and eight other persons.

 (2) Only on matters of urgency, so judged by the President after consultation with the Vice-President, shall notices of motion in the Representative Session be accepted after 4.30 pm on the third day of the session, except that a notice of motion proposing to amend a resolution circulated or materially altered on or after the first day of the session shall be accepted if lodged before the close of business on the day before the resolution is to be dealt with.

Each Notice of Motion will be allocated to one of two categories:(a)  those which amend a resolution printed in the Agenda; or (b)  those which introduce to the Conference material not referred to in the Agenda. 

In category (a): if those responsible for presenting the business to the Conference accept the content of a Notice of Motion, no other signatories are required.  The details of those responsible for an item of business can be found on the coversheet of each report.  In category (a): if those responsible for presenting the business do not accept the content of a Notice of Motion, 4 additional signatories are required. In category (b): 8 additional signatories are required.

The 2013 Conference agreed that it should be mandatory for proposers of Notices of Motion to complete a 'Submission of a Notice of Motion' form, including information about budgetary implications. Such information will aid the Conference Financial Committee in advising the Conference on any likely impact of the motion upon the budget that the Conference will need to adopt on Thursday 29 June.

The form is available for download here, and from the Conference Office (email prior to the Conference or the Help Desk at the Conference.

In order that Notices of Motion which are unrelated to existing Agenda business can be dealt with effectively and efficiently by the Conference, proposers are requested to ensure that they include sufficient but succinct information to ensure that all Conference members may understand what is being proposed and why. This will enable members to reflect on the merit of these Notices of Motion beforehand and speakers to focus on key issues.  

In enabling Conference members to submit Notices of Motion related to business scheduled for the afternoon and evening of Saturday 24 June, the Business Committee requests that these be submitted either (1) by post to Jane Bates at Methodist Church House to arrive not later than Thursday 22 June or (2) by email to to arrive not later than Friday 23 June at 2.00 pm. The Committee has determined that it will only require the names (which will be printed on the Order Paper) of a proposer and a seconder to be supplied at this stage: the four further signatories, should the Notice of Motion be resisted by the proposer of the resolution (as per SO 132(1A)(ii)), may therefore be acquired after arrival at the Conference on Saturday 24 June but must be handed to the Help Desk, marked for the attention of the Record Office, by 1.00 pm on that day.       

The deadlines for submitting notices of motion are as follows:

Relating to          

Submit by

Monday's business

Sunday 12:30 pm

Tuesday's business

Monday 12:30 pm

Wednesday/Thursday's business

Monday 4:30 pm

Unrelated to business

Monday 4:30 pm

Those proposing a Notice of Motion should consult with those presenting the business to ascertain whether the Notice of Motion will be accepted or resisted. 

If a notice of motion that relates to an item of business is not resisted by the person moving the resolution, it only requires the signature of the proposer and seconder (see SO 132(1A)(i)).  If a notice of motion proposes to amend an item of business and it is not accepted by those responsible for the business, signatures are required of the proposer, seconder and four other persons.  In all other cases (ie for all notices of motion which do not seek to amend an item of business which is before the Conference), signatures are required of the proposer, seconder and eight other persons.