Climate Change: the greatest challenge of our generation

Climate Change: the greatest challenge of our generation. How can churches and individuals make a difference?
Christian Aid
Robert Perks Room 

At the Paris Climate summit last December, governments across the world agreed to a radical reduction in carbon emissions. But unless those ambitions turn into action we will witness an acceleration of the negative impacts of climate change. Those are already hitting some of the poorest of the world. The challenge cannot be left to politicians alone; as global citizens we all need to be involved.

God calls us to care for creation and proclaim good news to the poor. What practical actions can we take as churches and individuals to join others across the globe meet the greatest challenge of our generation?

Please join us to hear from our speakers and share your questions and insights.  Speakers include:  Alison Doig, Senior Adviser Climate Change and Sustainable Development at Christian Aid and Steve Hucklesby, Policy Advisor at the Methodist Church.