8 Conference Arrangements


A. Future Conferences

8/1. The Conference adopts the Report

C. Presbyteral Session

8/3. (Presbyteral Session) The Presbyteral Session of the Conference resolves that whenever it goes into closed session its membership, except when Standing Order 1145(7) applies, or the Conference otherwise resolves, shall be confined to presbyters who are entitled to vote on the business under consideration, with the Conference Officer for Legal and Constitutional Practice and Secretary of the Faith and Order Committee in attendance as appropriate.

8/4. (Presbyteral Session) The Presbyteral Session of the Conference delegates to the Representative Session the adoption of the printed and written portions of the Daily Record for both days of its meeting.

8/5. (Presbyteral Session) The Conference directs that the total time available for the Presbyteral Session of the Conference of 2017 shall not be less than eight hours.

8/6. (Presbyteral Session) The Conference invites the Vice-President of the Conference of 2016/17 to attend the Presbyteral Session of the 2017 Conference, apart from any closed sessions, with the right to speak but without a vote.

8/7. In accordance with Standing Order 105(1A) the Conference directs that the following Districts shall each elect at least one deacon to be a member of the Conference of 2017:

Wales Synod, Birmingham, East Anglia, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Stockport, Newcastle, Lancashire, Northampton, Southampton, York and Hull, London Reserves: Cumbria, Darlington