29 Marriage and Relationships Continued

Continued from  previous session


AMENDED 29/7. The Conference directs that a new Statement of the judgment of the Conference on marriage and relationships shall be prepared and that, as part of the process, the definition of marriage should be revisited.

29/8. The Conference appoints a new task group, which shall include people with expert knowledge of matters of Faith and Order and marriage and relationships, to update the Statement and to oversee the process of consulting with the Methodist people on the definition of marriage.

ADDITIONAL 29/8a. The Conference appoints the membership of the new task group as follows: Professor David Clough (Chair), the Revd Dr Roberta Topham (Convener), the Revd Naomi Cooke, the Revd Ashley Cooper, the Revd Geoffrey Farrar, Ms Ruth Hall, Ms Ann Leck, the Revd Dr Paul Nzacahayo.

NOM 108. Resolution 29/8a

29/9. The Conference directs that the new task group shall report to the 2018 Conference with a draft text of a new statement which shall include:

a) consideration of all relevant Reports produced and Resolutions passed by the Conference as set out in paragraph 3.5.1 above;

b) consideration of the definition of marriage, including the matters raised throughout section 3 of this report.

29/10. The Conference encourages Districts and Circuits to utilise existing resources to support and encourage the Methodist people to make space and time to engage in Bible study and scriptural literacy.

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