15 Larger than Circuit


15/1. The Conference receives the Report.

15/2. (Recommendation 1)
The Conference directs that the Secretary of the Conference oversees a review of:

a. the use of District Chairs to chair or serve on working groups appointed by the Council/Conference;
b. the roles performed by the District Chair (and identify the roles that might be more appropriately carried out by the Connexional Team thereby allowing District Chairs further to exercise spiritual leadership); and
c. the title 'District Chair', and whether an alternative title would be more appropriate;
and bring recommendations to the Conference as soon as possible

15/3. (Recommendation 2)
The Conference directs that a process of discernment is facilitated by the Methodist Council to identify and nurture potential leaders in the church; such a process would enable potential leaders to be guided to the most suitable of the wide variety of leadership roles that exist in the church.

15/4. (Recommendation 3)
The Conference directs the Secretary of the Conference to review the processes for the selection of District Chairs with the aim of increasing gender and ethnic diversity among the District Chairs.

15/5. (Recommendation 4)
The Conference directs that the Stationing Committee gives consideration to the direct stationing of District Chairs.

15/6. (Recommendation 5)
The Conference directs that training for leadership development of District Chairs be produced to cover the issues raised in paragraphs 28-41, and provided to existing and future District Chairs, and that this is overseen by the Secretary of the Conference.