15 Larger than Circuit (Continued)


15/7. (Recommendation 6)

The Conference directs that when a new Chair is being sought, or the present Chair is exploring the possibility with the District of a reinvitation, or a District or Group of Districts wants to engage in the process of reflection of review, the Secretary of the Synod in consultation with the Secretary of the Conference shall convene a District Commission, jointly appointed by the District and the Conference to oversee and undertake a thorough review of the life of the District, set in the wider regional, connexional, and ecumenical context.

NOM 103. To Amend Resolution 15/7 in the Larger Than Circuit Report

15/8. (Recommendation 7)
The Conference directs the Council to bring a process for implementing the creation of a District Commission, and the nomination of those to be appointed by the Conference as District Commissioners to the 2017 Conference.