46: Connexional Allowances Committee


  • 46/1. The Conference receives the Report. 
  • 46/2. The Conference adopts the report sections 1 to 3 and the recommendations contained therein. [Note: Changes to SO 364(1) as referred to in para 2.3 are contained within Agenda item 41 Committee on Methodist Law and Polity] 
  • NM103 - Amendment to Resolution 46/2
  • 41/3. The Conference adopts the report
  • 41/4. The Conference amends Standing Order 364(1) as set out in the Report.
  • 46/3. The Conference directs that all local church, circuit and district employing bodies comply with the Church's policy to implement the Living Wage; where this is not currently achieved, or will not be achieved by April 2016, the Conference directs that the employing body submits: (i) a formal application for a further period of exception and; (ii) a statement of the implementation date and plan to achieve it to the District Policy Committee for consideration at its meeting in the autumn of 2015. 
  • 46/4. The Conference directs the Faith and Order Committee to undertake a major review of the theological foundation of all matters of ministerial remuneration and to report to the Conference of 2017. 
  • 46/5. The Conference adopts recommendation 1 at paragraph 4.53, noting that the further work to review the qualifying posts and percentages above stipend will be undertaken in 2015/16.
  • 46/6. The Conference adopts recommendation 2 at paragraph 4.66. 
  • 46/7. The Conference adopts recommendation 3 at paragraph 4.71. 
  • 46/8. The Conference adopts recommendation 4 at paragraph 4.74. 
  • 46/9. The Conference adopts recommendation 5 at paragraph 4.76