Beach Labyrinth

Saturday 27 June - Wednesday 1 July
Southport Beach

An installation on Southport Beach sculpted by Andrew Nicholson, a Methodist youth worker from Cornwall.  More than just a maze, the labyrinth is a spiritual experience, a metaphor for the journey life. 

Before entering the labyrinth, you will be invited to pick up a piece of rubbish to represent something in your life that you would like to be rid of.  After walking the path to the centre, you'll be able to let go of your rubbish by driftwood cross, and pick up a stone to represent something solid you would like to try to change in your life. What might you discover? 

The Lord says this: "Stand at the cross roads and ask for the ancient paths. Which was the good way? Take it and you will find rest for yourselves." (Jeremiah 6, 16)