45: Report of the Working Party on Accessibility to the Conference

Subject and Aims

It is about the accessibility of the Conference and offers recommendations on how representatives may prepare for and participate in it more effectively. The report responds to the Notice of Motion mentioned below.


  • 45/1. The Conference receives the Report. 
  • 45/2. The Conference adopts recommendation 1 and directs the Methodist Council to agree the terms of reference for a working party, and to appoint such a working party which shall report to the Council and the Conference no later than 2017.





  • 45/3. The Conference adopts recommendation 2 and 12 directs Districts and the Conference Secretariat to implement points a - f of paragraph 6.1 of the Report. 
  • 45/4. The Conference directs the Secretary of the Conference to:
       (i) Oversee consideration of recommendation 3 with a view to making arrangements for the earliest possible dissemination of Conference reports;
       (ii) Implement recommendation 4;
       (iii) Ensure that appropriate advice is given to the President and Vice-President so that recommendation 5 can be implemented. 
  • 45/5. The Conference adopts recommendations 6-11 and refers them to the Business Committee for consideration and implementation as necessary.