Agenda 2015

The links below are to the Conference reports as presented at Conference. Post-Conference versions of all reports can now be found here.


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Agenda volumes 1 and 2 combined

Agenda volume 1

Agenda volume 2

Memorials to the Conference


Individual reports for volumes 1 and 2 can be downloaded below.

1 Election and Induction

2 First Report of the Conference Business Committee

3 Bailiwick of Guernsey Methodist Church Purposes

4 Methodist Homes MHA

5 Appointment of the Secretary and Assistant Secretary of the Conference

6 Conference Arrangements

7 World Methodist Council Ministerial Exchanges

8 Methodist Ministers Housing Society

9 Response to The Church Towards a Common Vision

10 The Trustees for Jersey Methodist Church Purposes

11 3Generate

12 All We Can Methodist Relief and Development

13 Ecumenical Report

14 Issues of Connexionalism

15 An Order for the Reaffirmation of Baptismal Faith Including the Use of Water

16 Methodist Forces Board

17 Committee on Methodist Law and Polity - part 1

18 Unified Statement of Connexional Finances

19 Scotland and Shetland

20 Fossil Fuels

21 The Methodist Church Joint Advisory Committee on the Ethics of Investment - Summary Report

22 Methodist Council - part 1

23 A Review of Nestle and Breast Miik Substitutes Marketing

24 Stationing Committee report

25 Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes

26 Westminster College Oxford Trust

27 General Secretary's Report

28 Methodist Council - part 2

29 Methodist Diaconal Order General Report

30 Action for Children

31 Methodist Ministers Pension Scheme (MMPS) 

32 Methodist Independent Schools Trust 

33 Managing Trustees of the Methodist Central Hall Westminster

34 Wesley House Cambridge

35 Managing Trustees New Room Bristol and Charles Street Bristol

36A Connexional Central Services Budget for three years commencing 2015-16

36B Connexional Central Services Budget District Allocations

37 Holy Communion Mediated Through Social Media

38 Faith and Order Committee Report

39 Report of the Working Group on Fellowships Groups

40 Positive Working Together

41 Committee on Methodist Law and Polity - part 2

42 Response to Notice of Motion 206 (2012)

43 Relief and Extension Fund for Methodism in Scotland 

44 Presbyteral Candidates and Probationers Oversight Committee

45 Report of the Working Party on Accessibility to the Conference

46 Connexional Allowances Committee

47 Safeguarding Report 

48 Past Cases Review Implementation

49 Nominations for the 2016-2021 Quinquennium of the World Methodist Council

50 Central Finance Board (CFB)

51 Marriage and Relationships Task Group

52 Presbyters and Deacons from other Churches

53 Referred Memorials and Notices of Motion

54 Authorisations Committee

55 Presbyteral and Diaconal Candidates and Probationers Oversight Committees

56 Permissions to Serve

57 District Resolution

58 Designations for Appointment of District Chairs

59 Committee Appointments

60 Ministers Becoming Supernumerary

61 Conference Diaconal Committee

62 Presbyteral Transfers and Reinstatements

63 Report of the Presbyteral Session Business Committee

64 Appreciations

Conference Rules of Procedure

Members of Conference 2015

Presbyters attending at their own expense

Index to Vols 1 and 2