Methodist Council

Future Dates

2-4 April 2016
17-18 October 2016
25-26 January 2017
1-3 April 2017
16-17 October 2017
24-25 January 2018
14-16 April 2018
15-16 October 2018 

The Methodist Conference is the governing body of the Methodist Church. As Conference only meets once a year, the Methodist Council undertakes ongoing work on behalf of the Conference. Council meets quarterly.

27-28 January 2016
Hothorpe Hall, Theddingworth



MC16-1 Decisions made by the Council since the last meeting

MC16-2 Matters arising

MC16-4 Consolidated Accounts coversheet

MC16-4 Consolidated Accounts

MC16-5 Audit Committee

MC16-6 Connexional Team report

MC16-7 The Use of Property for Mission

MC16-8 World Church Relationships Strategy paper

MC16-9 Responding to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

MC16-10 Development of Camden Methodist Church

MC16-11 Notice of Motion 210

MC16-12 Significant Anniversaries

MC16-13 Value of Human Life

MC16-15 Statistics for Mission

MC16-17 Budget discussion paper

MC16-18 Connexional Allowances Committee

MC16-19 Larger Than Circuit

MC16-20 Resourcing Leadership Working Party

MC16-21 Marriage and Relationships Working Party

MC16-22 Connexional Manse Trustees

MC16-23 EDI summary of responses

MC16-24 Appointment of Working Group to Review the Arrangements for Covenants of Care

MC16-25 Ecumenical Appointments

MC16-26 Ecumenical Associate Members

MC16-27 Remuneration Committee terms of reference

MC16-28 Past Cases Review Audit

MC16-29 Joseph Rank Trust

MC16-30 EDI Policy

MC16-31 One Mission Forum