Methodist Council

Future Dates

12-13 October 2015
27-28 January 2016
2-4 April 2016
17-18 October 2016
25-26 January 2017
1-3 April 2017
16-17 October 2017 

The Methodist Conference is the governing body of the Methodist Church. As Conference only meets once a year, the Methodist Council undertakes ongoing work on behalf of the Conference. Council meets quarterly.

12 - 13 October 2015
High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesdon


MC15-72 Matters Arising

MC15-73 All We Can

MC15-74 MDO Funds

MC15-75 SRC Report

MC15-76 24 Somerset Road

MC15-77 Work from the Conference

MC15-78 Update on work from the Conference

MC15-79 Budget Process Overview

MC15-80 MMPS Consultation

MC15-81 MIC Ltd

MC15-82 Standardised Job Descriptions

MC15-83 Covenants of Care

MC15-84 PCRIG Update

MC15-85 Recommendation 9 from Past Cases Review

MC15-86 Draft Supervision Policy

MC15-87 Review of Training

MC15-88 LPWL Study Board

MC15-89 Anti Fraud Policy

MC15-90 Releasing Money for God's Mission

MC15-91 Model Trust 20 - Residential Letting

MC15-92 Condition of Manses

MC15-93 NoM 215 - Pornography

MC15-95 MAST and Academies

MC15-96 NoM 204 - Mapping a Way Forward

MC15-97 Personnel Files

MC15-98 DMLN Appointment

MC15-99 Committee Appointments

MC15-100 City Centre Review

MC15-101 Appointment to LKH Board

MC15-102 CGC Annual Report

MC15-103 World Methodist Council

MC15-104 EDI Report

MC15-105 - Methodist Heritage Committee Annual Report

MC15-106 Oxford Institute Committee

MC15-107 Singing the Faith Reference Group

MC15-108 Authorisations and Delegations

MC15-109 CTE Membership

MC15-110 LBAC Policy Review

MC15-111 Adoption Policy

MC15-112 Exhibitions, Events, Advertising, Sponsorship Policy

MC15-113 Southland Methodist Trust

MC15-114 PASLEMC Consultation