How to use D:Sign
Conversations on Living Life to the full

Sacred text: John 10:10
‘I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.'

Welcome to D:Sign.

D:Sign is a three part resource. It is aimed at stimulating conversations on what living life to the full might look like for people at any stage of their life and any stage of their faith journey (or none).

The three resources are:



The cards are intended for use in small groups, in conversation, to be handed out at events and carnivals, to be used in chaplaincy situations, or to be left in coffee shops and libraries. They have been designed by Ric Stott, and there are details of his blog on the D:Sign webpages.

The postcards are available to buy through Methodist Publishing ( ) at a cost of £1 for a complete set of 12 cards, or £8 for 10 sets of cards.

The back of the postcard contains various questions and invitations, all intended on provoking both thinking and action. Some of the actions are individual responses – others a corporate response. Further suggestions of responses are available on the D:Sign website. If you have other resources that you think other people may find useful, please use the ‘talk back' feature on the website. We would love to hear from you!


Each month for the next year, there will be a featured podcast from a number of people from around the UK, all talking about their own experiences of living life to the full as a leader in the Church. These podcasts are aimed specifically at leaders, and offer windows into people's experience of leading people to following Jesus. The podcasts are downloadable from the D:Sign website.


Each month, the matching card and podcast will be displayed, with further activities and responses for people who want to take the thinking and actions further. There are materials for small groups available, relating to each podcast, as well as an opportunity for you to have your own response become part of the site.

We hope that you find D:Sign a stimulating and encouraging resource, helping you to discover more about living life to the full, in relationship to each other, ourselves, the world and to God.