Bible Festival in High Wycombe

The Biblefresh Festival at High Wycombe on 12 February 2011 was organised by the Methodists for the benefit of all Wycombe churches, but also for our Methodist District (which stretches mainly northwards including Oxford, Rugby, Leicester, Peterborough, Milton Keynes).

The festival took place in three buildings including the main Anglican and Methodist churches in central Wycombe (All Saints and Wesley). Guests included the local MP, the Deputy Mayor, and the President of the Methodist Conference. Around 300 people took part.

Workshops (Eight different workshops were on offer, described below)

Bible Study through film

In using the Bible to share faith today, how do we connect with popular culture? This video Bible-study explores how the Bible and America's favourite family might interact with one another.


Songwriting is a craft that can be learned like any other. In this workshop you will discover the ingredients needed to write a good worship song. You will write your own Bible-inspired lyrics and compose music for them. No previous experience necessary, please bring an instrument if you have one!


Bibliodrama is becoming more and more widely recognized and appreciated as a tool for bringing the Bible alive and for actively engaging the imagination in the recovery of biblical stories and the wisdom they contain.

Disciple experience

The course 'Disciple'has transformed the lives of individuals and congregations in many parts of Great Britain and across the world. Disciple is not just a history lesson, not just a Bible study, not just a commitment to read God's word and know God's grace, not just information - but transformation.

Introducing Godly Play

A wonderful opportunity to take part in an interactive form of reflecting on scripture, that is having a transformational impact on children in schools and churches both locally and across the globe. This workshop is aimed primarily at adult participants who may be interested in using this approach in their own churches.

Playmobil Bible

In this very practical workshop you will experience one method of helping small groups - especially children and young people - to get inside some well-known bible stories. You will learn how to recreate a story's scenes using Playmobil toys and other media, then photograph them for use in a PowerPoint for worship.

Story telling

An opportunity for children and grown-ups to enjoy Bible stories told in an imaginative way.

Taste and see

Come and join us as we enter into a Gospel story using our imagination. The Holy Spirit is our guide on this journey. There will also be time to reflect together on this way of approaching Bible reading.

The following activities were available all day

"For those few minutes, Labyrinth took me into another world, closer to God" Mike

The Big Story Labyrinth

Take a meditative journey through the "big story" of the bible by walking the prayer labyrinth. Stations along the way will help you to focus on some of the "big" biblical themes such as creation and fall, covenant and prophecy, incarnation and resurrection.

Banner making

A communal activity to produce a banner based on Psalm "Thy word is a lamp to my feet"

"Lost in the King James Bible labyrinth - divine!" - Moira

IT Psalm

Talking the words of Psalm 119 and illustrating each verse with clip-art etc to produce a PowerPoint presentation.

Hand-written bible

Part of a national Methodist initiative to hand-write the entire bible, entering into the spirit of scribes who meticulously copied and recopied the manuscripts before printing and photocopying and on-line texts were possible. The finished hand-written bible will eventually be properly bound.

"a real wealth of inspiring ideas and a great "buzz" to the day" Ruth

Bible changed my life

A challenge to write in eight words or less, what difference the bible has made or continues to make to you personally. The eight words are written on a large card which you hold up in front of you for a photo. The photos can be seen in a separate file. Similar photos have been produced for the national Biblefresh website

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Wycliffe are responsible for the translation of the bible into the languages of Burkina Faso; they keep a very impressive set of display boards (20 metres long) at their HQ just west of Wycombe, and brought the display for our Biblefresh Festival. The display explains the complications of translation, into languages where certain words or concepts do not yet exist.

Lord Wharton's bibles

The charitable fund which since 1694 has presented bibles to children, if they could demonstrate some knowledge and interest eg by learning 7 psalms off by heart. Over 100,000 have been presented.

Worship with a bible theme

The Festival began and ended with rousing singing, prayers and bibles readings, and an address by the President of The Methodist Conference. The bible reading was read first in French, to demonstrate the situation prior to the 1611 Authorised Version. Most of us could partly understand the French, just as in 1611 most could partly understand the existing Latin bible, but all can understand it far better in our mother tongue.

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