Compass Cover 1013Compass is a short course that introduces the Christian faith to those who wish to explore its meaning. Like any compass it relates to a particular map and the one intended is Christian discipleship in the Methodist Church.

It looks not just to the foundation stones of Christian faith, but also to the experience of our Methodist heritage which has shaped our present understanding.

Download a sampler (Pdf)

The Participant's Workbook

Order one copy for each participant from Methodist Publishing (£5.00 + P&P)


The Leader's Guide

This provides support for those leading a Compass group. The introduction and notes for all the sessions can be downloaded by clicking on the links below. 

Compass Leader's Guide - Introduction (pdf)

Compass Leader's Guide - Session 1 (pdf)

Compass Leader's Guide - Session 2 (pdf)

Compass Leader's Guide - Session 3 (pdf)

Compass Leader's Guide - Session 4 (pdf)

Compass Leader's Guide - Session 5 (pdf)

Compass Leader's Guide - Session 6 (pdf)

Compass Leader's Guide - Session 7 (pdf)

Compass Leader's Guide - Session 8 (pdf)

Compass Leader's Guide - Appendix: The Bible in seven minutes (pdf)


Compass Invitation PosterIf you are running a Compass course for your local church and community, you can use this poster and invitation to help promote it. Each has space for you to add local details (date, time, place and contact).

You can also order the poster (A3) via Methodist Publishing (there is a £2.50 charge for postage and packing). 

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"Compass gave me the chance to refresh the basics of my Christian faith and to share convictions and questions with others."

"Particularly welcome were the Methodist Emphasis sections, appreciated not only by those new to Methodism but also by those with a much longer association. All in all, an excellent and timely resource that suited us well and which we will use again."

"It was good to link what I thought I knew about Methodism to a broader understanding of Christian beliefs."

"The Compass course gave me the structure to examine my faith and the companionship to discuss issues of faith in an encouraging setting."

"I found Compass very inspiring, enabling me to grow in both knowledge and confidence whilst looking at my faith and beliefs."