Are you interested in leading a Disciple group?

Do you have a passion for the Bible and nurturing discipleship, both yours and others?

Do you have some knowledge of the Bible, and desire more?

Do you have skills to create the environment which gives people freedom to explore the  Bible and their faith?

Then maybe God is calling you to use your gifts to lead a Disciple group. Leaders have a facilitation manual, but are also group participants.

Disciple training is recommended to induct you into the potential of the Disciple materials:

Training for Disciple Group Leaders

If you are interested in receiving training as a DiscipleGroup leader/facilitator, please contact the Coordinator within your region of the Discipleship and Ministries Learning Network. For information about each region - including the contact details of Coordinators please see


Information for Potential Group Leaders

Students on Disciple courses may be asked to pay so much a week, or just cover the cost of their manual. It varies from place to place how a course is financed. Some churches cover the cost of DVDs and leader training, others pass those costs on to participants.


If you urgently need more information before then please contact the Discipleship & Ministries office.

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