Conclusions and Films

The pilot has now ended and we have collected some of the stories and changes.

We have a brochure telling the story of each church involved in the pilot: Download the brochure (Pdf)

We have bookmarks you might want to print off and use: Download bookmark (Pdf)

There are 4 questions we have identified as useful when we are planning church business meetings

Who is God hearing?

What is God hearing?

What is God saying?

What does God want?

For more on the thinking which got us to these 4 questions please read this document:
Our findings - meetings

There are also 4 questions we have identified as useful when planning a discipleship session, be it for children, young people, older people, indeed for anyone

  1. How does my lived experience of God impact on how I deliver this material?
  2. How can we enable people in the group to draw on their discipleship experience to connect with the session?
  3. How can we enable people in the group to use the content of the session to contribute to their discipleship?
  4. How does the learning from this session impact on my future lived experience of God?

We have collected stories from various people as the pilot project has gone on and there are now 12 film shorts there for you to watch

Below are links to the video shorts we already have.

At you can find all the film clips

Here is an index of what is on there... a summary of the Imagine pilot - what can our church community do for the wider community? - tools to help us grow whole life discipleship - I ask different questions of my own leadership - inspiring me think about how I behave as a Minister This Time Tomorrow,  equipping older people, conversations over coffee, One degree shifts 

There is also a training package to help preachers and worship leaders to engage with whole life discipleship principles in preaching and the leading of worship. This can work as a whole away day for a preachers & worship leaders meeting, or it can be used in bite sized chunks at the preachers & worship leaders meetings.

See Preaching in 3D

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