For young people

Tourists"Mission is less about the transportation of God from one place to another and more about the identification of a God who is already there...

Tour guides are people who see depth and texture and connection where others don't. That is why the best teachers are masters of the obvious. They see the same things we do, but they are aware of so much more. And when they point it out, it changes the way we see everything."

Rob Bell

Can you spot God in your daily life? 

At Smithy Bridge Methodist Church everyone in the congregation has taken it in turns to talk about God in their daily lives;  they have moved this idea on and now each week someone shares an item which represents their whole life discipleship. One week one of the teenagers  brought his football boots and said that it's whole life discipleship when he doesn't swear on the football pitch and he plays fair. Making the simple links to connect our faith in the whole of life is what this is all about. 

At Lancaster, the 7-11's group and the 12+ group share something good or new which has happened in their lives in the last week. They are now trying to also think about where they encountered God this week. When did you last encounter God? Do you know what God's character is like? Have a think, maybe write a list. Then ask yourself again, when did you last encounter God?

Also see some websites and apps to help you connect with God in the whole of your life.

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