Corporate prayer

At Smithy Bridge there used to be a time when people could share prayer concerns or thanks and the preacher would then say a prayer.

This has been shifted by one-degree and now on the screen there is written some words for people to say before & after their prayer concern or thanks - "....." and "...", this tiny shift has built people's confidence and now people are praying out loud in the service and are more confident to pray at home.

Prayer in and around worship has been a sea change for Wigton Methodist Church too. They now offer prayer ministry after worship, and the 'Thank you' prayers section of the morning worship now uses a roving mic - indeed one week the thank you prayers lasted longer than the sermon. This one-degree shift is that people noticed God in action in their lives that week and said Thank You.

Smith Bridge

Smithy Bridge young people took photos of their local area and the following week these were used as the background images for the prayers. This one-degree shift was sending the message that God isn't just to be thanked for bubbling brooks but also for the very place we live. That prayers for the world start here as well as spreading out. That prayer is about Whole Life Discipleship.

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