Faith and Work

The Faith and Work Programme was set up under the auspices of the Methodist Diaconal Order's Faith and Work Group. The group came into being in 2003. Since that time, it has been engaged in offering encouragement and resources to deacons as enablers and educators of lay people for their ministry and mission in the world of work.

The worksheets presented here are one part of an ongoing Faith and Work Programme. Their purpose is to offer a range of reflections, ideas, skills and resources not only to deacons, but to all within Methodism and other Churches, lay and ordained, engaged in this key aspect of ministry and mission.

This first pack consists of 20 worksheets.

This set of worksheets focuses largely on what deacons, presbyters, lay church employees, local preachers and worship leaders might do to raise the awareness of and support "the people of God in the world" (as the seminal report to the Methodist Conference of 1990 described them) in their ministry at work, be that paid or voluntary.

The reason for this focus is that, hitherto, the recognition of lay people as the 'pioneers' of mission in the world, and the Church's responsibility for equipping them for this ministry, has been much neglected. It is believed by the diaconal Faith and Work Group that unless the Church addresses this leadership deficit the laity could well remain 'God's frozen people', as Mark Gibbs and Ralph Morton once put it. In future years, the worksheets will focus more specifically on the nature and expression of lay ministry and mission within the workplace.

This set of worksheets has been written mainly by Methodists, many of them deacons. The worksheets represent each author's personal views and not those of any association or group to which they may belong.

All of these materials are available as free downloads from

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