Tips for connecting to the workplace

Top ten tips for local churches to connect with the workplace


  • Invite people to offer job profiles of themselves and indicate for what they would appreciate prayers - for the church newsletter or notice board.
  • Give opportunities for people to display in some way (photos or collage, etc.) what they are involved in at work.   Provide a table (in the church foyer?) with work symbols laid out on it and/or a collage with logos, badges, letter-heads, symbols of work, T-shirt workplace 'advert', etc. displayed in mosaic form on it.
  • Distribute amini-questionnaire to church members asking what they do at work and what are the concerns uppermost at this moment - distribute the findings (probably anonymously) as material for discussion  groups.


  • Ask people in worship to speak about the personal opportunities and concerns they face as Christians at work.   This may best be done by means of interviews.   One church successfully invited one of its unemployed members to share his experience of unemployment during a worship service.
  • For intercessions, ask people to bring forward an object representing their work, place it on the communion table and say a short prayer for their workplace and work colleagues.
  • Have symbols of members' work around the church which can be referred to during worship to trigger greater awareness of ministry and mission in the world of work.  People might be invited to come to church in their working clothes and some to speak or pray about their work during the service.


  • After a service focused on faith and work provide coffee, and then in small groups organize a follow up for reflection and action on other possible faith and work links within and beyond the local church.
  • Offer parents the opportunity to meet together and discuss how Christian faith might better inform and enrich their children's schooling and studies. `
  • Hold a day (or longer) church retreat to practice and reflect on the art of communal living Benedictine style, including work (indoors and outdoors), eating, studying the scriptures and praying together.

The local community

  • Produce a prayer booklet (if possible as an ecumenical endeavor) with specially written prayers each month for a year for local businesses and professional agencies.


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David Clark
October 2012


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