Preaching in 3D

At Leyland Methodist Church they have photos and film clips of people in their places of work used during the service and used appropriately within sermons.

They have also chosen to have sermons on the themes of debt and money.

It has been said that some sermons teach us better how to live as a Christian in 1st Century Corinth than 21st Century UK.

Some of the leaders of the Imagine - NW Methodist Pilot have put together a training package for preachers and worship leaders to be encouraged to make one-degree shifts in their own preaching; to build people's confidence to ask the "so what" questions. 

Preaching in 3D

Overall session plans (pdf)

Devotions (doc)

Section 1

Leader's Notes (doc)

Affirmation Powerpoint Presentation (pptx)
Handout 1 - Bible character (docx) 
Handout 2 (docx)
Individual Questions handout 2 (docx)

Section 2

Leader's Notes (docx)

Powerpoint presentation (ppt)

Section 3

Leader's Notes (doc)

Handout 1 (docx)
Handout 2 (docx)
Resourcing Toolbox (docx)
Additional notes on Bands  (docx)

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