The Bible and preaching

Part of the relationship between LICC and the Methodist Regional Training Forum has been that we have led 24 hour residential for the church leaders; one being on preaching and the Bible, and Antony Billington from LICC encouraged us to use the Whole Bible when we want to preach Whole of life discipleship.

Antony challenged us...

What is the big story which the Bible tells?

MapsMaybe the Bible is like a series of maps and we need to know

  1. How to read the maps which are the Bible - what type of map is this? What genre of the Bible - literature, poetry, legislation, proverbs, letters, etc
  2. How to harmonise the maps - so not only ask what does Jesus' life & teaching tell us about family life, but what about the letters, and the poems, and the laments?
  3. Formation - maps are not just to be studied but to be followed

Antony then led us to think about what the Bible has to say about worship.

What is the Big story the Bible tells us about worship?

How does the literature the Bible contains tell us about worship?

  • Worship flows out of a relationship with God
  • Worship celebrates the acts of God
  • Worship centres around the word of God
  • Worship involves the community of God
  • Worship focuses on the lamb of God
  • Worship is by the Spirit of God
  • Worship demands full commitment of ourselves to God.

What are the one-degree shifts here? That as Whole life disciples the Whole of the Bible guides our daily living, our relationships not only with God but with each other. How holistic is our use of the Bible when we are preaching and leading worship? 

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