This Time Tomorrow

The big hit of the whole-life disciple making project has without doubt been This Time Tomorrow

What is it?

Pray now for this time tomorrow, and ask people that time tomorrow to pray again.

TTT Time: a reflection by Mark Greene on how 120 seconds on a Sunday can change the week (Pdf)


Tells the person they are important to you, the church and to God.

The more we do it the more we all realise that ordinary Christians are important to God and this in itself changes culture.

Develops relationships and conversations

Develops new kinds of conversations - ones about God in our ordinary lives.

Process: summary

  • ask someone in advance to share and let them know what questions you will be asking them
  • during worship invite them forward
  • ask them 3 questions

       what do you do?
       what are your challenges?
       what can we pray for you?
  • You might also choose to ask others who identify with the issues raised to stand - thank them.
  • pray for the person(and all who are standing)

Tips for praying for people:

  • Ask if you can gently place a hand on the person's shoulder.
  • Keep your words brief and responsive to what they asked us to pray for; no need to tell God what they have just said out loud - God already knew that!
  • Look at the person you are praying for as you pray - you will see if God is doing any particular thing in their life by the look on their face; for example if they begin to cry. Don't be worried if there is an emotional response, thank God for moving in our lives.
  • If you are not comfortable with extemporary prayer, practice in private speaking out loud.
  • Remember that you are talking with God, and that you are also leading others to talk with God.
  • Leave time of silence for you and everyone to listen to God.
  • Thank God for listening to us and speaking to us.
  • Keep it brief.

Below are some stories about how This Time Tomorrow has made one-degree shifts, which are adding up to a turn around in the culture of the church.

Bramall Methodist Church noted that TTT helps shift prayer from a 'spectator sport' to participation.

Smithy Bridge has a membership of about 40 and everyone has shared on TTT - some people didn't want to speak out loud so wrote down what do they do, what the challenges are, and suggested how the congregation could pray for them. Some consequences? People talk about their lives with each other after worship and people pray for one another during the week.  But not content to leave it once everyone had 'had a go', they now invite someone each week to bring along an item which says something about their daily life with God. One young man brought his football boots and talked about the challenges of being Christ-like on the football pitch. Excellent to have teenagers in the church wanting their faith to be relevant in all of life.

Garstang Circuit had a session at the Local Preacher's meeting to hear about This Time Tomorrow and gave all the preachers chance to see it in action and to give it a go.  That Circuit is now part of North Lancashire Circuit and Dolphinholme Methodist Church say that doing TTT has meant that the conversations after worship are now buzzing with people talking about what God is doing in their lives. Indeed one week the prayer time was so moving, it was in effect the sermon too.

At Leyland Methodist Church there is a Local Preacher on the leadership team and part of his role is to collaborate with preachers and he approaches the congregation and prepares them if they share during a TTT slot.

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