Portfolio Submission Guidance

Portfolio deadlines

Deadlines occur bi-annually and are the same as the familiar Faith & Worship Spring and Autumn deadlines.

Submission deadlines for 2018 will therefore be as follows:

  • 31 March 2018
  • 30 September 2018

Portfolios should be submitted only after the tutor has completed the first stage of marking and has assessed the portfolio as 'criteria met'. This will move the portfolio to the next stage of the assessment process (regionally-based & Connexional moderation).

A table detailing the key dates is available to download here  

Portfolio templates and the moderation procedure

New guidance on the Portfolio Submission and Moderation process has been written and is available to download here. Please read it carefully to familiarise yourself with the process and to note the responsibility you have as students, tutors or moderators to progress the moderation of any portfolios.

We have also created portfolio templates for students, which can be downloaded at the links below. Please be sure to use the correct template for which ever portfolio you are submitting and to save all portfolio documents in the appropriate place inside the template - this will greatly aid your tutor and moderator to navigate through your work.

All submitted portfolios should be submitted using these templates.

LP Portfolio A

LP Portfolio B

WL Portfolio



Tutors might find this video on the portfolio submission and moderation process helpful.

Please also familiarise yourselves with these Guidelines for Tutors on Building and Submitting Portfolios.

When students have completed their portfolio and submitted it to you for marking, please use the Portfolio Assessment & Feedback Form (Also available in Word) to record your comments before forwarding the portfolio and the form on for regional moderation. (New form - revised July 2016)


Standard forms

Here you will find the forms on assessed services to complete and submit with assessment portfolios. (New forms - revised July 2016)
  • Congregation's Feedback on Worship form - for volunteers from the congregation to complete after an assessed service of a local preacher 'on note', 'on trial' or a worship leader in training. (Available in Word or .pdf)
  • Service Planning & Reflection form - students should complete and submit one of these forms for each assessed service they include in their portfolio. (Available in Word or .pdf)
  • Service Reviewer(s) Feedback form - for completion by the assessor(s) of an assessed service for local preachers 'on note', 'on trial' or a worship leader in training. (Available in Word or .pdf)
  • Worship Leading/Preaching Opportunities Cover Sheet - Cover sheet for the paperwork for each assessed service submitted in a student's portfolio. (Available in Word or .pdf)


* Please note that the Word documents will automatically download onto your machine to complete and you will be able to save them in the usual way.

If you are using Google Chrome as your internet browser, the .pdf documents will open in a new tab and it is possible for them to be completed online and printed, however the changes will not save to your computer when done in this way. In order to save a copy of the form you must right click on the form (or Ctrl + click for Mac users) when it has been opened and select 'Save As...' before making any amendments. You should then amend the file you have just saved to your machine in Adobe, rather than amend the form in your browser.

If you experience any difficulty or are unsure of the correct way to manage and save the forms then please contact localpreachers@methodistchurch.org.uk

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