Supervision of Probationers

Training in Supervision of Probationers


The Revd Dr Jonathan Dean
Director, Centre for Continuing 
Ministerial Development

Circuits receiving Probationary Ministers are required to offer supervision under the Supervision Policy 

This means a Supervisor will have need to have been trained on a Connexional Supervision Training Course and approved to supervise under the policy that has been offered since September 2017.  Those attending training in previous years will need to retrain under the current policy.

For those who have already attended the training or will have done so before September 2018 all that is required is a further morning briefing on Supervising a Probationer this will take place on May 23rd 2018 at The Queen’s Foundation - please contact Queen’s for details

For those who have not yet attended training (or who were trained before September 2017) The Queen’s Foundation is offering a bespoke training for those offering Supervision to Probations.  This will take place on 24th-25 May and 7-8th June and will be led by Jane Leach, Eunice Attwood and Jonathan Dean.   Attendance on this course and approval to practice will equate to having trained under the Supervision Policy. 

Can’t make this date? If you are unable to attend on this date please contact requesting a place on a suitable Supervision Training Course somewhere else in the connexion and arrange to attend the morning briefing listed above. 

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