Listed buildings

Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme

Information about the Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme can be found at

Listed Building Consent

In order to obtain listed building consent from the Methodist Property Office, it will be necessary for the local church to log a project on the Property Consents website, because it is a grant from an external source.

Where it is known that an application is to be made in the future, we will also need to see a specification for the work which should be submitted before the work is commissioned.

Listed Buildings Advisory Committee

The role of the Listed Buildings Advisory committee (LBAC), under Standing Order 982, is to provide advice to the Methodist Property Office on all applications for listed building works. The LBAC is also expected to provide general advice to the Methodist Property Office and its officers on policy matters regarding listed buildings and buildings in conservation areas. 

For further information and the Committee's current membership, please follow the link below

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