PCR Ten Themes - Train the Trainer

This training is for those delivering Creating Safer Spaces training modules.

The aim of this session is to develop the awareness of those who deliver the Foundation and Leadership modules about key findings from the Past Cases Review (PCR). By the end of the session you should:

  • know more about some important learning from the Past Cases Review
  • have thought about how you might use this learning to enhance your delivery of the Creating Safer Space Foundation and/or Leadership modules.

This training module follows on from the Past Cases Review report Courage, Cost and Hope Recommendation 5: “That all people who deliver safeguarding training at Foundation Module (FM) or Leadership Module (LM) level be required to attend training on the findings of the PCR.”

The session assumes that you have read the report and are aware of the general content.

Rather than focusing on the types of abuse which have occurred within the Church, it identifies themes which have emerged as significant learning from the Past Cases Review about safeguarding in the Church and how people respond to it.

Materials and more information

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