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mpp-the-pioneer-gift-0517The Pioneer Gift: Explorations in Mission
Baker, J. & Ross, C. (Eds), Canterbury Press, 2014 





Explorations in Theology and Wisdom for Pioneering Leaders
Male, D. (Ed),
Bible Reading Fellowship, 2011




An Introduction to Fresh Expressions of Church and Pioneer Mission
Goodhew, D., Roberts, A., & Volland, M. (Eds), SCM, 2012




mpp-being-church-0517Being Church, Doing Life;
Creating Gospel Communities where life happens
Moynagh, M., Monarch, 2014




Called to Pioneer
An introduction to pioneering and ministry

Called to Pioneer Cover 03015

This booklet introduces the work of pioneering mission, as well as the new Methodist Pioneering Pathways.

It describes the work and ministry of a pioneer within a Methodist context and contains suggestions as to how individuals might test and respond to the call to pioneer.

The booklet is both informative and a resource for reflection and vocational discernment. Although it is designed with a Methodist audience in mind it may have a wider usefulness.

The booklet is available in packs of 10, priced at £2.50 per pack, available from Methodist Publishing:


mpp-starting-assessing-0517Starting, Assessing and Sustaining Pioneering Mission
Hollinghurst, S.,
Grove Booklet EV101, 2013




mpp-pioneering-leadership-0517Pioneering Leadership: 
Disturbing the Status Quo
Male, D., Grove Booklet L14, 2013




mpp-mission-shaped-church-report-0517Mission-shaped church report:
church planting and fresh expressions of church in a changing context
Cray, G. (Ed), Church House, 2004




mpp-fresh-expressions-in-‭mission-of-church-0517Fresh Expressions in the Mission of the Church:
A report of an Anglican-Methodist working party
Church House, 2012




mpp-pioneer-ministry-and-fresh-expressions-0517Pioneer Ministry and Fresh Expressions of Church
Shier-Jones, A., SPCK, 2009





mpp-pioneering-a-new-future-0517Pioneering a New Future: A Guide to Shaping Change and Changing the Shape of Church
Potter, P., Bible Reading Fellowship, 2015




mpp-the-dna-of-pioneer-ministry-0517The DNA of Pioneer Ministry
Milne, A., SCM, 2016





Hmpp-how-to-pioneer-0517ow to Pioneer (Even if you Haven't a Clue)
Male, D., Church House Publishng, 2017





mpp-share-booklets-0517Share Booklets 1-11
(How can fresh expressions emerge? How should we start? Where can we get support? How can we finance a fresh expression? etc)
Available from the Fresh Expressions website




mpp-essential-fresh-expressions-0517Essential Fresh Expressions:
3-minute guides to key aspects of forming a fresh expression of church
Available from the Fresh Expressions website

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