Key areas of work for 2016/17

This is not an exhaustive list so please contact a member of the regional team if you have a piece of work or project you would like to develop.

  • Circuit Stewards (Hearing God; Leading God's People) - these two evening sessions are coming to your District for Circuit Stewards - click here for information.
  • Third Age Spirituality - support, resources and gatherings for those with this ministry - click here for information.
  • Biblical Literacy is a big area, and are offering two things both pitched rather differently.  Transforming Bible studies - click here; for those who want to go deeper and explore ways of reading scripture Bible month - click here and here - resources and ideas for local leaders to raise the basic level of Biblical literacy in congregations, but also to consider ways of being missional in this.  For resources which might support you please click here.  
  • Presbyter Prayer Days - click here for information.
  • Life Long Learning for Ministers - a series of one off morning sessions on practical 'how to' elements of ministry - click here for information.
  • Connecting Disciples - learning and development for lay employees - Connexional conferences and local one day conferences and a retreat.  As well as developing work in Districts to have a coherent support for lay employees - click here for information.
  • Local Lay Ministries - for those lay people who either paid or unpaid are contracted to work for a local church as its pastor - click here for information.
  • Vocational Exploration - there are a series of days for anyone wanting to explore what God may have for you.  Also, we are working with some Districts to raise the confidence in discernment of vocation.  Plus there is a whole system of support for those exploring Candidating for ordained ministry - click here for information.
  • Healthy Communities 
    Growing through Conflict Foundation Day - click here for information
    Dignity and Respect: Understanding of and approaches to dealing with bullying and harassing behaviour - click here for information 
    Further Skills in Growing through Conflict - click here for information
    Ecumenical training days in Cumbria - click here for information
  • Youth and Children's Ministry and Participation - there is much going on in this area including the ONE programme, District Youth & Children's Work Enablers, The Mirror pilot has new material to help lcoal churches listen to their own children as well as those on the DVD, accessible, fun learning day for adults in Manchester, Preston and Cumbria.
  • Worship: Leading and Preaching - ongoing support for tutors as students get nearer to being ready to hand in portfolios.  FAQs and also some very helpful Top Tips here - click here for information.  Here is the latest flyer for Training Days for potential Tutors to learn more about the course and the role of a Tutor.
  • Safeguarding - lots of the usual training this year, including Leadership Module, Training new Foundation Module trainers, plus Update training for existing FM trainers and a new day we are putting on for those in local churches who want to get a handle on what the nuts and bolts of the safeguarding policy means in practice - click here for information.
  • Pioneering Pathways in this region is now underway - click here for more information; contact Alison Hulse.
  • Church Reviews and Visioning - this year we are looking for people to work with us and to act as a team of volunteers to come alongside churches, to act as the external consultant - if you are interested, contact David Pickles.
  • Change Management - training session available on request from David Pickles.
  • Governance Training for local churches - led in partnership with TCC - please contact David Pickles.
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