About the Connexional Team

The Connexional Team serves the Methodist Church in Britain, offering resources, training and expertise. Throughout the year, it undertakes the tasks required by the annual Methodist Conference.

The Team has two main tasks:

  • To provide training and resources to support the mission of local churches, circuits and districts,
  • To act on behalf of the Methodist Church to help all parts of the Church to fulfil the programme, Our Calling and the Priorities for the Methodist Church.    

The Connexional Team maintains regular links with Methodist churches across Britain so that:

  • The needs of churches, individual Methodists and other groups, for support and resources are known,
  • The issues on which the Methodist Church should speak and act are known.

The Team is led by the Secretary of the Methodist Conference, who is part of the Senior Leadership Group along with the Connexional Secretary and three senior managers who manage the 'clusters', or main work areas, of the team. Read more about the Leaders and Managers in the Connexional Team

Contacting the Connexional Team

Information on how to contact members of the Connexional Team or to make enquiries about different areas of the Methodist Church's life and mission can be found here.

Information on how to arrange for a member of the Connexional Team, the president or vice-president of Conference to visit your church, circuit or district can be found here.

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