What is the Methodist Church attitude to alcohol?

Read our factsheet on the Methodist Church's attitude to alcohol.. 

I would like to find out more about the Alpha Course and where to find one near to me.

Find out more about how the Alpha Course might answer your questions about Christianity from our factsheet. Visit the Alpha website http://uk.alpha.org to find a course near to where you live. 

I am looking for information on my Methodist ancestors. Can you help?

Sadly not. We do not have genealogical information which we can make available on-line. Archived records of baptisms etc are held in local churches rather than centrally but you may find the information on researching on the Methodist Heritage website  useful.

There are now numerous websites on which you can search for records of ancestors, just type 'genealogy' into a search engine.

I would like to get my child baptised in a Methodist church. What do I need to do?

Read our factsheet on baptism and confirmation in the Methodist Church 

I am looking for a Methodist church building in a particular area of Britain. Can you help?

Try the Church Search facility on this website. 

I am coming to the UK and want to contact a Methodist church in the area I expect to visit.

Links to all known online Methodist churches in Britain can be found in our Church Search  page.

I want to make a donation to the Methodist Church and would like to know if I can use Gift Aid.

If you are a tax payer, your donation can be enhanced by Gift Aid. Read our factsheet on this subject. 

I am a Methodist minister in a country other than Britain, and I want to arrange an exchange visit with a minister UK. Who do I contact?

Except for enquirers from the USA (see below), contact Dave Friswell, Ministerial Exchange Programme Coordinator, Methodist Church in Britain. Email mep@methodistchurch.org.uk

If in the USA, contact Revd David Schmuck, World Exchange Program, World Methodist Council, Box No 518, Lake Junaluska, North Carolina 28745

Where do I go to find out about Methodist heritage and places of interest to visit in Britain?

The Methodist Heritage website provide an excellent guide to the main locations in Britain with buildings or sites of particular Methodist historic interest.

What is the Methodist Church attitude to homosexuality?

See our factsheet on human sexuality

I would like to get married in a Methodist church. What do I need to do?

Read our factsheet on marriages in the Methodist Church.

How do I become a member of a Methodist Church?

Read our factsheet on Membership in the Methodist Church

If you have a question on another subject, take a look at the views of the Church page to see if the subject in which you are interested is covered there, otherwise please e-mail your question to enquiries@methodistchurch.org.uk

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