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Thank you for your interest in Connecting Disciples 2017 - the Discipleship and Ministries Learning Network conference for Methodist lay employees and children and youth workers. 

This year we are delighted to be holding two conferences with the option of you attending one:

  • Monday 6 - Thursday 9 March 2017 at High Leigh Christian Conference Centre, Hoddesdon
  • Friday 9 - Sunday 11 June 2017 at Cliff College, Calver, Derbyshire

Connecting Disciples is an opportunity for networking, learning and development and reflection.  The theme for both events is:

Be the change
Holiness and Justice

For more information about Connecting Disciples take a look at this video which gives an overview of what happened at the 2016 event and details about the recently held March event can also be found below.

Bookings for the June event is currently open with a deadline of 9am on Monday 24 April 2017.  Further details on how to book your place are below.  

The June Event

The Conference will begin with registration at 4.15-5.45pm on Friday 9 June and will finish at 3.00pm on Sunday 11 June following worship.

The programme will include Bible studies, class meetings, workshops/seminars with entertainment being provided to help you mingle and unwind after a busy day and we are particularly pleased that the extremely funny comedian Tony Vino will be doing a set for us on the Saturday evening.

The Worship Group will be led by OneSound's Matt Beckingham and there will be the opportunity to take part in a Prayer Pilgrimage around Cliff College and its grounds as well as praying under the stars.

Connecting Disciples will give you the opportunity to meet others, share ideas, discuss issues and will help to support you in your professional development.

This year it will feature a number of workshops and seminars led by a variety of facilitators on the following subjects as well as more:

Children, Youth & Family Stream

  • Holy Habits for Children and Young People - Meg Prowting

How do we help our children and young people develop positive habits that will enable them to live out the Christian faith and grow in discipleship?  This workshop will explore why this is important and some ways it could be done.

  • Holiness at Home - Gail Adcock

What does it look like to create spiritual habits at home as a family?  Join us to explore some ways to develop and incorporate these into everyday life through the routines families often share.  We'll consider how this can become daily practice for parents and children amongst the busyness of everything they do.

  • A level playing field or a whole different ball game? - Lynne Norman

Exploring our hopes for our work with young people on the margins. 

Through guided input and small group discussion we will explore the hopes we have for our work. What are the intended outcomes? Who gets to decide about which outcomes are most important? Who funds our work and what expectations do they have?   We want people to thrive but what does that mean- economically, socially, spiritually?  How do we understand the importance of helping to create a level playing field where every person has the same opportunities to flourish and what do we need to identify, work towards and pray for if God's will is to be done on earth as in heaven.

We will analyse current models of monitoring, evaluation and participation and explore current models of youth and community work practice.  Participants will be encouraged to reflect on their deep-rooted hopes for the work in which they are involved and to consider how it might develop in light of the learning from the workshop.

  • Resources Download for Children, Youth & Family Workers - Gail Adcock & Meg Prowting

Want to know what resources are out there for children, youth and families, and ways you can use them?  A whistle-stop tour through resources galore focusing around the themes of social justice and personal discipleship. Bring your ideas with you to share too!

General Stream

  • How to equip the Church to seek Justice - Tim Baker, All We Can

Throughout the Bible, the people of God are called to 'defend the rights of the widow' and stand up for the most vulnerable.  In this interactive and multimedia workshop, you will find out how you can resource others in your churches and communities to be a part of All We Can's work with some of the poorest and most vulnerable communities in our world and be inspired by stories of transformation in the most unlikely places.

  • Managing Change in a Church Environment - David Pickles

In the session we will look at, achieving the Goal and momentum for change, communication strategies, managing the risks, scope management and expectation setting.

  • Global Poverty: Is Aid the Solution? - Justin Thacker

We live in a world where more people have access to a mobile phone than a toilet, and as Christians we are desperate to respond.  But is Aid the solution the world requires?  This seminar will explore the Aid model and raise some challenging questions about the nature of global poverty and our response to it

  • Through Julian's Window - Sara Parratt-Halbert

What does it mean to be a disciple?  What does being a disciple ask of us?  We will explore what discipleship - an active choice to follow Jesus - means by looking through Julian's windows: love of God; service of others; and service to others.

Workshop options

Bible Studies options 

We are also delighted to have some engaging reflections around the theme and the Revd Loraine Mellor, President Designate, will lead us in closing worship.

There will also be the opportunity for an Information Exchange to have your voice heard on issues that affect you, as well as to share questions, ideas and resources with those in similar roles.

Bookings & Fees:

There are still places available for the June event and the deadline for reservations has been extended to Monday 24 April 2017 at 9am,  therefore we urge you to book quickly to get one of the remaining spaces.

All attendees are required to pay a fee.  We encourage Circuits and Districts to support you in attending this Conference as part of your ongoing personal and professional development.

Payments will be taken automatically as part of the booking process via credit card.  The amount that you will need to pay will depend on the type of room you book. 

Please note that rooms will be allocated on a first come first served basis and we would recommend that you book early to avoid any disappointment. 

Bookings can be made here.

Should you need to change or cancel your booking please contact us as soon as possible on D&  Please note we are unable to reimburse any fees for cancellations made after Monday 15 May 2017.

The breakdown of the fees per person are as follows:

Connecting Disciples 2017 Booking Fees
9-11 June 2017, Cliff College, Calver

EARLY BIRD FEE PER PERSON (for bookings made before 9am on 6 February 2017)

En-suite £195

FEE PER PERSON (for bookings made after 9am on 6 February 2016)

En-suite £205

The March Event

We were delighted to have 85 delegates attend Connecting Disciples on 6-9 March at High Leigh Conference Centre in Hoddesdon.

March photo 1

The conference offered 24 workshops on many subjects including:

  • Intentional Health - Healthy Communities through your Local Church
  • Social Media as part of a Church Communications Strategy
  • What kind of church does Jesus desire....for people with learning disabilities?
  • How can Customer Journey thinking help the Church to serve communities more effectively?
  • Agents of Change: working with - and learning from - children and young people on issues of faith and justice
  • Living by the Rules - Developing Rhythms and Patterns for Growing in Holiness

March photo 3

The programme was packed with Bible Studies, Worship, A Prayer Pilgrimage and a Market Place.

March photo 6

Revd Dr Roger Walton, President and Ms Rachel Lampard, Vice-President gave some truly inspiring keynotes on the theme of Holiness and Justice.

March photo 7

Delegates were kept entertained in the evenings with a quiz, beer and hymns and a set by comedian Tony Vino on the last night.

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