Examples of lay appointments

Examples in bold have stories listed below

  • Running a cafe
  • City centre ministry 
  • Rural ministry
  • Mission enabler
  • Working with the bereaved
  • Running the circuit office
  • Pastoral care of one or two churches
  • Supporting those running youth and children's clubs  
  • Listening service
  • Developing fresh expressions 
  • Student chaplain 
  • Circuit administration
  • Pastoral work 
  • School work
  • Working with families
  • Taking care of premises and grounds
  • Working with children
  • Working with young people 
  • Prison, university, hospital or hospice chaplain
  • Evangelist
  • Providing circuit training 
  • Secretarial work 
  • Running Bible study groups 
  • Community outreach
  • Working with the missing generation 

An example of mission enabling

As a circuit mission enabler, Rob is involved in work with young people through a youth project called Dimension. He helps to coordinate a 20s-40s event and is involved in running courses and thinking strategically about how 'we do church in the circuit'. He is a facilitator to the other churches in the circuit when they need help with particular projects and activities.  

An example of circuit administration

Brenda is the Circuit Administrator in the Wolverhampton Trinity Circuit. She works about 10 hours a week, which covers:

  • the compilation and production of the Circuit Directory each September 
  • attending Staff Meetings (every six weeks) 
  • attending the Circuit Leadership Team meeting (every six weeks) 
  • attending the Circuit Meeting
  • mailings to churches in the circuit

She is also responsible for monitoring the Circuit's Safeguarding Policy.

The work has peaks and troughs - the greatest peak is the production of the circuit plan. 

An example of pastoral work

Joan is a pastoral assistant in Enfield, London. She spends much of her time visiting the elderly, housebound, bereaved, hospitalised and those with special needs. She is also involved with a Parent and Toddler Group, After School Club and as well as running a Luncheon Club.

Joan is based at two churches in the circuit (the largest and smallest) and works in conjunction with the ministers there. 

An example of children's work

Daniella is the Director of Children and Young People's Work in the Chelsea and Victoria Circuit. Working closely with the presbyter and deacon as part of a staff team of six, her main areas of responsibility are:

  • the pastoral care and wellbeing of the children and young people at the church
  • supporting the existing groups
  • working with children and parents in the community
  • developing fresh expressions projects suitable for the 'Missing Generation'.

Daniella supports and coordinates much of the existing work with children and young people - Bus-stop Counselling, the Girls' Brigade, the Young Church, the Friday Club (an after-school club for ages 7-13) and a newly introduced Jigsaw Club for parents or carers and their pre-school children (an innovative partnership with a local charity, West London Action for Children). 

An example of young people's work

An old impressive building greets you with this sign in the window:

"If you come here, we're going to love you no matter who you are, no matter what you look like, no matter what you've done, you are going to be loved in this place." 

This is Nichols in Louth, the Youth Project managed by Gerald.

The project has an 'open door' policy for teenagers with chill-out rooms, games rooms, cafe, counselling services and has over 600 teenage attendances every month.  The team ministry also extends into the local secondary schools and to detached work on the streets.

The project works closely with the other agencies (eg the local council, the police and the crime prevention group). The project workers have a very high public profile in the local community. 


Prior to starting any recruitment exercise you will need to read the Safer Recruitment Policy for the Church of England and the Methodist Church of Britain and follow the 10 Step Procedures for All Recruitment.

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