Candidating forms and information

Called to Ordained Ministry? Download the Handbook for Candidates (Pdf)

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Creative Presentation 

Steps in Candidating for Ordained Ministry in the Methodist Church 2018

Timeline for Candidating

Selection Criteria for Ordained Ministry in the Methodist Church

Candidates' Immigration Guidance Document

Candidate Support Good Practice Guide

Guidance for Mentors

Guidance for Superintendents

Guidance for Chairs

What is a Deacon

What is a Presbyter

The cost of Candidating

Queen Foundation Open days



The C2 Candidating Portfolio 2018

Equality and Diversity Form

C3 Reports on Leading of Worship and Preaching

C4 Circuit Report Form

C4a Circuit Vote on a candidate

C6 Report of Full Committee

C6.1 Report from Small Group 1

C6.2 Report from Small Group 2

Resource List template 

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