Training Events

Training Courses for District-Nominated Supervisors

Training courses will be organised in learning groups of 15.  Most of these events will be held locally and be non-residential.  Each event will involve a 2 day introduction and then 2 further training days about a month later.  Once your district has supplied your details as a nominated supervisor you will be invited to a particular training course for people in your area.  If you are unable to attend the most local training course you may need to travel to another course further afield.  The first training courses are in November 2017 for those in the Liverpool and South East Districts - the districts that took part in the pilot project.  Detailed information for each training course will be sent out as soon as it is available.  Approximate timings are published below.


Beds, Essex & Herts Group D Oct 2018-March 2019
Birmingham Group D Oct 2018-March 2019 
Bolton & Rochdale Group C  March-June 2018
Bristol Group D Oct 2018-March 2019
Channel Islands Group B  Jan-Feb 2018
Chester & Stoke  Group B Jan-Feb 2018
Cornwall Group D Oct 2018-March 2019
Cumbria Group C  March-June 2018
Cymru Group D Oct 2018-March 2019
Darlington Group C  March-June 2018
East Anglia Group B Jan-Feb 2018
Isle of Man Group C  March-June 2018
Lancashire Group C  March-June 2018
Lincolnshire Group D Oct 2018-March 2019
Liverpool Group A 6-8 November 2017 (residential)
London Group D Oct 2018-March 2019
Manchester & Stockport Group C  March-June 2018
Newcastle upon Tyne Group C  March-June 2018
Northampton Group D Oct 2018-March 2019
Nottingham & Derby Group C  March-June 2018
Plymouth & Exeter Group B Jan-Feb 2018
Scotland Group C  March-June 2018
Sheffield Group C  March-June 2018
Shetland Group C  March-June 2018
South East Group A 6-8 Nov (residential)
27-29 Nov 2017 (non-residential)
Southampton Group B Jan-Feb 2018
Wales Group B Jan-Feb 2018
Wolverhampton & Shrewsbury Group D Oct 2018-March 2019
Yorkshire East and North Group C  March-June 2018
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