Becoming a Local Preacher

What is a methodist local preacher?

Local preachers are those who have been accredited to preach God's word and lead His people in worship.  Originally, the term local preacher showed the difference between those who stayed in a local area and those who moved around the country as ministers (presbyters). 

Becoming a local preacher

  • Interested in becoming a local preacher? Do you feel called to preach God's word? Click here for a guide to help you explore your calling.
  • Stages in the local preacher training process -  This flowchart outlines the stages in becoming a local preacher from initial steps through to accreditation.
  • For further information about the Methodist local preacher training process please see Faith & Worship Course
  • Alternative courses to Faith & Worship - Some Districts and training institutions have developed training course that have been approved as acceptable alternatives to Faith & Worship  

Recruitment Resources

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Called to Lead Worship? Called to Preach?

Prayer Handbook 2013 - 2014

These two booklets will help those exploring God's call to the ministries of worship leader or local preacher. They include testimonies, Scripture and practical guidance to encourage reflection, prayer and talking things through with others.  

Order online here.