Annual Schedules

Schedule 14a

Standard Form of Accounts

TMCP Licences

Annual Schedules

Schedules A and C (which are now collectively called "Property Return") and their supplements as well as Schedule D are now part of the Online Suite. You will need to register to gain access to these forms.

Inspection, Care and Maintenance of Methodist Buildings - A Guide to their Annual Inspection (PDF 44Kb)

Schedule E - Quinquennial Certificate for Manses
See the Technical Information section of the Handbook for further information
PDF 76Kb | Word 131Kb

Schedule G - Quinquennial Certificate for Chapels and Ancillary premises
See the Technical Information section of the Handbook for further information
PDF 96Kb | Word 140Kb

Schedule J - District Manse Committee Visit Report
PDF 120Kb | Word 212Kb

District Advance Fund Annual Report Template (19Kb)

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