Projects and Funding

Funding Possibilities MC - updated August 2016

This funding list (which is not exhaustive) has been compiled with Methodist Churches in mind, looking at funders who will support churches with capital or revenue projects e.g. re-developing church buildings or supporting disadvantaged people in need wanting to change their circumstances or help individuals in ministry to keep going.

Listed alphabetically, each funder has a website address which allows you to check the information provided, read more about their priorities, and gives you access to forms etc. Please do check each funder thoroughly before applying as things change quickly.

You might not need all the information provided or there may only be a few funders that fit but it's good to be aware of what is around so you can come back to it, when searching for grant opportunities at a later date.

There is also information here on Free Sources of Funding Advice.

Contact details:

  • Conservation Officer   (Support Services in Manchester)
    Listed Buildings
    Non-listed buildings in Conservation Areas
    Tel: 0161 235 6739
    Email Conservation Officer
  • Landfill Grants Officer   (Methodist Church House)
    Research, advice and support for managing trustees in relation to Landfill Communities Fund applications
    Email Landfill Grants Officer


Projects and Funding information leaflets

Click on the above link for more information about different funding opportunities.

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