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Connexional Team

Web Support Officer  (Methodist Church House)
Guidance on using the Property Website
Email Web Support Officer
Facilities and Property Co-ordinator  (Methodist Church House)
Joint/Partnership Working
Procurement (Property)
Use of Buildings
Technical Guidance
Legislative guidance in relation to property
Email Facilities & Property Co-ordinator
Governance Officer  (Methodist Church House)
Connexional Priority Fund (CPF) Levy / Exemptions / Refunds
Closing Churches
Sharing Agreements
Burial Grounds
Investment Properties
Advice on property related issues in The Constitutional Practice and Discipline of the Methodist Church (CPD)
Charity Commission related advice
Email Governance Officer
Connexional Ecumenical Officer (Methodist Church House)
Sharing Agreements
Conservation Officer  (Support Services in Manchester)
Listed Buildings
Non-listed buildings in Conservation Areas
Email Conservation Officer
Connexional Grants  (Methodist Church House)
Property Grants
Other connexional grants (outside the property context)
Email Connexional Grants Office
Fundraising Officer  (Methodist Church House)
Fundraising guidance including funding research and application support
Email Fundraising Officer
Landfill Grants Officer  (Methodist Church House)
Research, advice and support for managing trustees in relation to Landfill Communities Fund applications.
Email Landfill Grants Officer
Telephone Numbers:
Methodist Church House  
(Enquiries) 020 7486 5502
Support Services in Manchester  
Conservation Officer 0161 235 6722


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