Creating Safer Space

Good Practice in Safeguarding Recording

This training is intended as a short module to remind people of the Practice Guidance for Safeguarding Recording 2015, and to provide the opportunity to participate in activities which should reinforce learning of what is good practice in safeguarding recording.

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Foundation Module 2016 Edition

The focus of this training is to promote awarenessof possible safeguarding concerns.

This training aims to equip all adults, both volunteer and paid, working in different roles in the Methodist Church to feel confident to share safeguarding concerns with the appropriate person.

The Creating Safer Space Foundation Module 2016 Edition training will help you:

  • know that safeguarding is everyone's responsibility and integral to being church
  • have a better understanding of good safeguarding practice within the Methodist Church
  • know when to have concerns about the safety and welfare of a child or adult
  • appreciate your responsibility for sharing concerns about a child or adult
  • be aware of who in the church to go to with any concerns
  • recognise potential blocks within the church to responding well
  • be aware of the impact of the Past Cases Review (PCR) findings on good practice.

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Foundation Module Refresher 2016 Edition

The Methodist Church has developed refresher safeguarding training for those undertaking various roles and responsibilities in the Methodist Church, who completed the Foundation Module between 2011 and 2016.

The Creating Safer Space Foundation Module Refresher 2016 Edition training aims to:

  • remind you that safeguarding is everyone's responsibility and integral to being church
  • refresh your understanding of good safeguarding practice within the Methodist Church
  • learn from the Past Cases Review and note the current national context
  • identify how to tackle potential obstacles to responding well within the Church
  • reflect on your responsibility for sharing concerns about a child or vulnerable adult
  • recognise emerging forms of abuse
  • consider the needs of survivors.

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Leadership Module

The focus of the Leadership Module is to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding of those in the church with whom concerns may be shared.

This training aims to enable Safeguarding Officers, Ministers and other leaders in churches to develop a deeper understanding of their role and responsibilities in relation to safeguarding and to develop confidence in carrying out this role.

By the end of the day participants will:

  • understand their role and responsibilities
  • appreciate the Church's commitment to safeguarding children, young people and adults; survivors of abuse and people who may be a risk to others
  • have sharpened their awareness of the Methodist Church policies and procedures on safeguarding
  • know about routes for referrals
  • have reflected on the challenges of the leadership role for the Church
  • know where to find resources, further help and guidance within and beyond the Church.

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Ten Themes - Training the Trainers - Past Cases Review 2013-2015

This training is for those delivering Creating Safer Spaces training modules.

The aim of this session is to develop the awareness of those who deliver the Foundation and Leadership modules about key findings from the Past Cases Review (PCR).

By the end of the session you should:

  • know more about some important learning from the Past Cases Review
  • have thought about how you might use this learning to enhance your delivery of the Creating Safer Space Foundation and/or Leadership modules.

This training module follows on from the Past Cases Review report Courage, Cost and Hope Recommendation 5: "That all people who deliver safeguarding training at Foundation Module (FM) or Leadership Module (LM) level be required to attend training on the findings of the PCR."

The session assumes that you have read the report and are aware of the general content.

Rather than focusing on the types of abuse which have occurred within the Church, it identifies themes which have emerged as significant learning from the Past Cases Review about safeguarding in the Church and how people respond to it.

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Refresher Training

As outlined in the Creating Safer Space report to Conference in 2011:

  • The standard period for refresher training should be five years.
    From September 2017 the training interval for refreshers will be 4 years as per Conference decision in 2016.
  • Everyone whose role is listed on the core list for Foundation training, but who has already completed Module A training, should complete the Foundation training within five years. This acts as the first refresher training.
  • For everyone on the core list for Foundation training, once they have attended this training, there will be a need for refresher training within five years. By that stage, the content of the Creating Safer Space training will need substantial revision and so the new course will act as the updated refresher training.
  • A similar approach is planned for those who are required to attend the Leadership Module.
  • Using this pattern, the Methodist Church ensures that everyone in key roles receives this good quality training which covers the whole of the Safeguarding Handbook policies - that is, it incorporates learning about children and young people; adults who are vulnerable; those who may pose a risk; safer recruitment and domestic abuse.

Creating Safer Space Conference Report - 2011


Please note:

Foundation Module Refresher 2016 Edition - This training has now been developed, see above.

Leadership Module Refresher - Materials are currently being developed.

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