Leadership Module

These materials are made available for general interest. More detailed trainer notes linked with the Power Point and the Manual are available from District Safeguarding Coordinators. No-one should deliver this material without having had access to these additional notes.

The training should not be undertaken by anyone without agreement from the District Safeguarding Group. 

Please Note:
Colleagues from non-Methodist churches are welcome to use this material in whole or in part, provided that:
1- the Methodist Church is acknowledged
2- the detailed trainer notes are obtained from District Safeguarding Coordinators
This is crucial to ensure high quality delivery of this complex material.

Leadership Module Manual (pdf)

Amendments sheet for Leadership Module Manual (December 2014) (pdf)

Amendments sheet for Leadership Module Manual (August 2015) (pdf)

Aims & Objectives  (pdf)

PowerPoint Presentation (pptx)

Attendance List -who should attend (doc)

Feedback Form (doc)

Worship Leaflet (pdf)

Useful Standalone Information from the Manual

Covenant of Care (pdf)

Examples of Safeguarding Resources (pdf)

Five extracts from survivors of abuse (pdf)

Grooming (pdf)

Listening well to concerns (pdf)

Making a referral (pdf)

Twelve steps to safer recruitment for employees and volunteers (pdf)

Responding well to serious situations (pdf) 

Responding well to someone who discloses abuse (pdf)

Responding well to the congregation (pdf)

The Blemished Disclosures process (pdf)

The impact of abuse (pdf)

When to report abuse (pdf)

When to report abuse (pdf)

Information Sharing in Safeguarding (pdf)

Please note that these materials have been specifically designed for use in the Methodist Church. You are free to download and use them in your own church but please ensure that the Methodist Church source is acknowledged. This should read ©Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes 2011. 

Hard copies of the materials above can be obtained from Methodist Publishing House. 
Order here

Please note that ammendments are not included in the manual from Methodist Publishing House so they need to be printed and added.

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The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre is dedicated to eradicating the sexual abuse of children. That means we are part of UK policing and very much about tracking and bringing offenders to account either directly or in partnership with local and international forces.

www.stopitnow.org.uk is a useful website for anyone with concerns about child sexual abuse. The Stop it Now! campaign operates a confidential freephone helpline for any adult with concerns including those worried about the sexual behaviour or another adult towards
children, those worried about their own thoughts or behaviour towards children and those concerned about the worrying sexual behaviour of a child or young person.

www.parentsprotect.co.uk is a child sexual abuse prevention and awareness website which helps parents and carers do the best they can to protect their children from sexual abuse. The site is a useful resource of information, guidance and resources.