DBS Application Check Method

Online / E-BULK system

Where possible, we advise that the online E-Bulk system be used to apply for DBS checks. For further information on the E-Bulk system please contact Churches Agency for Safeguarding.


Paper DBS Applications

If for exceptional reasons a paper DBS application is done the following process MUST BE FOLLOWED:

  1. Whenever you verify any paper applications, you need to inform the applicant that they need to bring in their disclosure certificate and show it to the safeguarder. The applicant needs to be cleared for the role before they are allowed to start any voluntary / paid work.
  2. The safeguarder needs to physically see the disclosure certificate and inform Churches Agency for Safeguarding (CAS) of the following:

    If the certificate is clear of blemishes an email must be sent to CAS@methodistchurch.org.uk stating the following:
    - the certificate status is clear of blemishes
    - the certificate issue number and date
    - the applicants name and date of birth

    If the certificate is blemished with any cautions, convictions or additional information:
    - post a photocopy of the certificate to CAS with the safeguarder's contact details (CAS, Methodist Church House, 25 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5JR).
    - CAS will update their records and inform the connexional safeguarding team
    - The connexional safeguarding team will contact the applicant and the safeguarder directly.
  3. Tracking whether the disclosure certificate has been issued to the applicant
    If you have the DBS paper application form number and the applicants date of birth then you can track whether the disclosure has been issued by following this link:




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District Safeguarding Officers

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