Computers for Ministry

About the Computers for Ministry Scheme

The 2007 Conference adopted a report entitled Computers for Ministry: Implementation Proposals. In the first instance this is for presbyters and deacons in the active work in appointments (circuit and other) that are in the control of the Church. The scheme comprises a free email service as well as financial support for computer equipment. 

Methodist email address

A free personalized email address will be made available for all presbyters and deacons. The format for this is: 


Where the duplication of an e-mail address would occur (because two ministers have the same name), the addition of a sequential numeral will be added to the surname of each new instance, based on the first year of stationing or request of activation. There is no mandatory requirement for you to use this free service and you are welcome to continue using your own email address if you wish. Existing presbyters and deacons who have not been assigned an address should contact

To access your webmail account, you can visit the following website: 

To administer your webmail account, you can visit the following website:

Through this link you will be able to forward your e-mail to other e-mail addresses, and set automatic replies to messages.

Support can be found here:

• 01296 329200

The service can be linked up with email clients (such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird etc) to enable you to download emails to a computer. Alternatively, emails can be left on the website, available from any other Internet connected computer. Fluent's website provides step-by-step guides for possible clients on its own website:


You will need to use the following settings:
Incoming server:
Outgoing server:
Username: Your Email Addresss

Computer equipment

The 2007 Conference report allows for financial support of up to £600 per presbyter or deacon in appointments in control of the Church (excluding members of the Connexional Team) every four years to be put towards computer equipment of their choice - typically for laptops, desktop computers, printers etc. 

The equipment will belong to the presbyter or deacon who made the purchase through this scheme and those serving in part time appointments will still be eligible for the full £600. To make a claim, please see the Financial Support section.

A professionally-resourced maintenance contract or warranty arrangement should be either an allowable expense for presbyters or deacons or directly arranged by their circuit. 


A broadband internet connection should be provided if it is available on the same terms as the provision of telephones for presbyters and deacons.  

Financial support

To make a claim, please download a claim form, available on the Ministerial Grants page

For simplicity of administration, we would prefer it if a single claim is made once every four years for all the expenditure that you want to reclaim.

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