Mobile Wallpaper

Wesley's Slam-DunkWesley's Slam-Dunk: animated wallpaper for your mobile.

Download Instructions 

Not all mobile phones will display animated images, so check your phone is suitable first.

Choose the size of wallpaper you require from the list below. Check your phone's instruction booklet to see what image size you need.

Click on one of the options and the correctly sized image will appear in a new browser window.

Right-click on the picture, choose 'Save Picture As' and save it somewhere you can send it to your phone. 

Different phones have different capabilities for getting images to and
from the handset (eg Bluetooth, cable). Please consult your phone manual
for instructions.


128 px x 128 px

128 px x 160 px

176 px x 208 px

176 px x 220 px 

240px x 320 px 

240 px x 320 px


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