Being an agent of change

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Here are some resources to help children and young people begin to inspire, influence and act!

Voice Activated is all about children's and youth participation. How do we ensure that the voice of young people is heard in decision making?

Voice Activated - Making Change Happen is a follow-on resource that explores ways in which children and young people can be involved in campaigning and influencing change in lots of different ways and lots of different contexts.

Click here for the 3Generate 2017 Manifestos, with supporting resources.

The Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) helps four churches, including Methodist, work together on issues of justice and inequality. The website contains lots of information and resources on key current topics.

Junior Mission for All (JMA) was created so that children would not be excluded from supporting and learning about the mission of the Church.

The British Youth Council (which includes Youth Reps from the Methodist Church), empowers young people to have their say on issues that effect them.

Christian Aid offers a wide range of resources for groups looking to get involved in the fight against poverty.

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24th - 26th November 2017
In 2017, for the first time, youth and children's leaders are invited to accompany their groups to 3Generate, where there will be a leaders' programme, as well as sessions together with the young people. Bookings for 3Generate 2017 will open on 24th April.