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Generate 2017 will take place from 24 to 26 November at Pontins, Southport.

Weekend tickets for 8-23 year olds cost £110 each. Tickets for leaders are free. Tickets include accommodation, meals and activities for the weekend.

Booking is now open and will close on 31 July for everyone except 19-23s (they can book until 18 October).

Tickets for 8-18 year olds are not currently available - please email by 31 July 2017 if you have tickets to return or to let us know your requirements and to go onto the waiting list.

More details and links to the booking pages can be found below the logo.


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3Generate 2017 Booking System

Welcome to the 2017 Booking page for 3Generate 2017.  As you are probably aware, this year we are encouraging children and youth to come along to 3Generate together with their youth or children's leaders. Please use the link to Group Booking.

Please don't be alarmed if your church isn't organising a group as we have put mechanisms in place to link you up to other groups who will be attending 3Generate 2017 from your Circuit or District. Please register as an Individual.

If you are joining the 19-23 group you can book separately using the 19-23s link until 18 October or as part of your church group until 31 July.

It is also possible for a parent (or parents) to be recruited as leaders using the Safer Recruitment* process and to accompany a small group using the Parent Accompanied link.

Below you will find what you need to know in order to book your 2017 place. Please follow the correct link for your type of attendance.  


  Groups     19-23s     Individual     Parent Accompanied  


Group Booking System

Group Leader

In order to book your group into 3Generate you will need to first decide who your overall GROUP LEADER will be and the name of the group that you are bringing along. You must use the Group name and Group leader name and email address to identify your group. 

Establish Group

At this stage you do not need to declare names or other information about your young people or your leaders, you just need to decide how many of each ticket you wish to purchase. Please remember that we need you to have a ratio of 1:6 Leaders to under 18's (more details about ratios can be found below). Your group may include those attending the 19-23's programme in your group booking or they can use their own booking link provided. 

Purchase Tickets

To purchase your tickets you may either buy online using a debit or credit card, or, you may purchase your tickets with a cheque from your Church/Circuit/District by inserting the Discount Offer "CHQ" where it says "Add Coupons" - please refer to the Booking Guide on the 3Generate forms page for screen prints of the process to use the CHQ code. We need to receive your cheque within 30 days of your purchase - cheques should be made payable to "The Methodist Church Fund". Please complete the cheque form found on the 3Generate forms page - this includes the details we need to process your cheque and the address.

You can return to the website while tickets are available/bookings are open and book extra tickets if you need to but you must supply the same Group Name, Group Leader and Group Leader email.

An email will be sent to you with the tickets attached as a PDF document so this email may go into spam. If you don't appear to have received this email and it isn't in your spam/junk folder, please email us your order number(s), confirm your correct email address and we can ask the system to send the ticket email again.

Ticket Booking

Please be accurate with your numbers. Bookings close on 31 July - tickets for 8-18s may sell out before that date, up until that time we will allow you to return 3 tickets for a refund. After 31 July we are sorry but we will not be able to process any further refunds.

Tickets for 8-18 year olds are not currently available - please email by 31 July 2017 if you have tickets to return or to let us know your requirements and to go onto the waiting list.


Group Booking Button 



Individual Booking System

If your church are not organising a group in their own right, there may be a group in your Circuit or District that you can join. Please contact one of the Regional Contacts listed below, who may be able to help. Alternatively, it may be appropriate to come as a small "Parent Accompanied" group - please see further details below (underneath 19-23s). If you still have queries, please contact us at by Wednesday 12 July.



19-23s Booking System

As at previous 3Generates we will have a group dedicated to those over 18's who have now left school up until the age of 23. The group will be accommodated together (not with a church/circuit/district group) and have their own programme for the 3Generate weekend. Tickets for 19-23's will be available up until 18 October. Please see additional information below.

Please book your place here

19-23s Booking Button





Parent Accompanied Booking System

It is possible for a parent or parents to accompany a small group where Children's and Youth workers are not present in a Church or Circuit. All adults must have been through a process of Safer Recruitment* and must have the minister's or Circuit Superintendent's permission to bring the group.

The ratio of leaders to under 18's is 1:6 and if the adults are bringing children who are not their own then there must be at least 2 adults in the group and one of each gender.

One of the adults will need to act as Group Leader and supply their email address for the booking. The Group name should be in the form:-  "church name- PA" 

Parent Accompanied Booking Button






Q: Who will be keeping an eye on the children and young people at the event?

A: This year for the first time children's workers and youth leaders from churches will be accompanying their groups to the event. The workers and leaders will care for the young people throughout the event.

Q: What if I don't yet have all the names of our group?

A: At this stage that is not a problem, you can purchase your tickets without names. At the end of August group leaders will be sent a login so that they can upload the details of all those in their group.

Q: Is the site secure?

A: Yes, Pontins site has a perimeter fence and a gate which is manned 24hours. In addition, this year we plan to have stewards on duty throughout the night.

Q: Will anyone else be on site during 3Generate

A: No we will have exclusive use of the site for the whole weekend.

Q: What else will be in place to support children and young people's wellbeing?

A: Children and young people will have their own workers and leaders with them, we will have a 24hour careline that children and young people can use free from their phones and our stewarding team will be on duty throughout the night.

Q: I am between the ages of 18-23 and have been asked to be a leader for our group - can I still attend the 19-23s sessions?

A: If you are attending as a leader, there will be Well sessions that you can attend. As a leader, you will be responsible for the young people in your care. If you want to attend the 19-23s then please book a 19-23s ticket.

Q: I will be 18 by November and will have left school. will I be able to join the 19-23s?

A: Yes, the 19-23s group is for young people who have left school up to the age of 23.

Q: Will the children's and Youth Workers from our Church be accommodated close to our children.

A: Yes this year the Children's and Youth Workers, who bring your group to site will care for them, throughout the weekend. They will be accommodated in chalets alongside the children and young people chalets. In a similar way to if they were camping with them.

Q: Who do I contact if I have further questions?

A: If you have any further questions please contact us on


*Safer Recruitment

All group leaders, leaders and adults that are accompanying groups to 3Generate will need to have gone through a process of safer recruitment (including parents attending with young people with additional needs). By safer recruitment we would expect each person to have:-

  • Completed an application for their role in the Church, or as a 3Generate Group leader (inc. parents)
  • Have provided 2 referees from which references have been taken.
  • Have been subject to a DBS check including "regulated activity"
  • Have had an interview / discussion with a church leader

DBS checks should be renewed at least every 5 years, and we would encourage making use of the "update service". Refer to your church secretary or minister.


Guidance with regard to the under 18/Leader Ratio

3Generate 2017 has been designed to be an event where youth and children's leaders can bring along their own groups, be accommodated close to them and care for them throughout the weekend. There is no provision for adults to attend the event other than in the role of a leader with a group or as a contributor or volunteer.

The stated ratio of 1:6 has been designed to ensure sufficient care and supervision of our children and young people throughout the event. The ratio of under 18's to adults should not be exceeded. In some cases the ratio will be less as some churches may only have a few children or young people, but we would still expect them to have a minimum of two leaders. This scenario is acceptable, and the leader's tickets would still be free.

We have had an enquiry from a Circuit that are putting together a circuit group from several churches, each church is planning to bring a small group and their leaders. Again the ratio drops eg 1:4 but this is still acceptable.

All leaders attending the event must have been through a process of "safer recruitment" (as explained above) and be in possession of a DBS certificate covering regulated activity.

In some cases a group may be as small as a parent and a child, this again is acceptable through the Parent Accompanied booking route, provided the parent has been "safer recruited" and has the permission of the minister or circuit superintendent to attend.

What would not be acceptable is a situation where a large number of leaders above the stated ratio's were accompanying just a small number of children.

If there are any queries about the above, or other booking questions please email


Accommodation at 3Generate

3Generate will have exclusive use of the Pontins site for the whole weekend. The site has a secure perimeter and the gate is manned 24 hours. In addition we are in the process of recruiting a 'Night Team' to patrol the accommodation area's at night.

The site is used at different times by a variety of national organisations and groups running sports tournaments and conferences.

Accommodation at Pontins camp in Southport is arranged in chalets on two floors. Typically each chalet block will have 5 chalets on the ground floor and 5 chalets on the first floor. Access to the first floor chalets is via external staircases and a continuous veranda along the front of the Chalets. The chalets are accessed from the front in all cases.

Having carried out a risk assessment of the accommodation we are expecting that the normal configuration would be for children and young people to be housed in a chalet according to gender and that leaders will be housed in a separate chalet in the same or adjacent block as their children and young people. All chalets can be locked by a turnkey from the inside and with a key from the outside. We will ensure that signage makes it clear the chalets occupied by leaders.

A typical group (there will never be a typical group!) of say 20 young people and 4 leaders could be accommodated across 5 or 6 chalets for children and young people and 2 chalets for leaders.

Accommodation will be allocated to groups during September / October. Group Leaders need to ensure their group's details are up to date by mid-September as, we will allocate sufficient accommodation to each group based upon the make-up of the group. It will be the Group Leaders' responsibility to actually decide who is in each chalet.

Accommodation arranged in this way will be very similar to what you would expect for a camping trip, in that tents would be arranged in rows with Leaders occupying separate tents to young people. This accommodation will, however, be more secure than a tent.

If you have any concerns then please do email us at



Group Leader Responsibilities and Updates

Group leaders will have overall responsibility for their group, they will need to obtain the necessary age and medical information from the children and young people in their group and upload this to our event management system during the early part of September. (We will provide a data capture form to help with this process)

Group leaders, together with their team will need to obtain loco parentis agreement for each child and young person in their group. Again we will provide a pro-forma for this purpose. The consent forms will remain with the group leaders throughout the event but again we would like you to upload a picture of it to the system.

During the event the Group leader together with their team will care for the children and young people at the event, there will be some sessions that the children and young people will be able to attend on their own and whilst these are running, there will be separate sessions for the leaders.

At the end of August, each group leader will receive a unique log-in that can be used to update information for their group. In particular we will be asking for:-

  • Names and addresses of all members of their group (download a data capture form from the 3Generate forms page in May)
  • Date of Birth and School Year of each under 18year old.
  • Confirmation of safer recruitment including DBS of all leaders
  • Medical details for each member of the group
  • Any additional needs of any member of the group
  • Dietary requirements of any member of the group
  • Email addresses for every member of the group
  • Uploads of a photo for each member of the group
  • Upload of Parental Consent Form for under 18's (a Parent consent pro-forma will be available to download from the 3Generate Forms page in May)
  • Upload of a picture or scan of DBS certificate for leaders


Additional Needs Support

Care of all members of each group will be the responsibility of the leaders of the group. Children and young people with additional needs will be cared for as part of the group, however, if the group needs to bring extra adults to help with this or specific carers, these people can be added as extra leaders to the group booking.

In all cases, additional adults should be appointed to this role by a process of safer recruitment*. If you need further help with this then please contact

Further support will be available from our own Additional Needs team, who will be "on-site" to help young people engage with the programme, and as last year, will be creating quiet spaces to provide those much needed times away from the hustle and bustle.


Regional Contacts


North West & Mann Region

Isle of Mann
Bolton & Rochdale
Manchester & Stockport
Chester & Stoke -on-Trent

Contact: Brec Seaton


Scotland & Shetland Region


Contact: Lorraine Darlow


The North East Region

Newcastle on Tyne

Contact: John Boyd


Yorkshire Plus Region

York & Hull
West Yorkshire

Contact: Carla Quenet


East Central Region

Lincoln & Grimsby
Nottingham & Derby

Contact: Nigel Pimlott or Gill Thomas


East of England Region

East Anglia
Bedfordshire, Essex & Hertfordshire

Contact: Richard Armiger


London Region

Contact: Richard Armiger


Southern & Islands Region

South East          

Contact: Natalie Newton


The South West Region

Plymouth & Exeter

Contact: Sharon Rowe


Bristol & West Midlands Region

Wolverhampton & Shrewsbury

Contact: Liam McKenna


Cymru Wales Region

Synod Cymru
The Wales Synod             

Contact: Gareth Bennett or Delyth Davies



This group is aimed at young people who have left school up to the age of 23. The group will follow their own programme which will be integrated with the overall programme for the event and therefore there will be times together as a group as well as times to be with others at the event. The Group will be accommodated in a dedicated set of chalets within the park. If you are 18 and have already left school then we will be pleased to welcome you to the group.

It may be that some 18-23year old young people will attend 3Generate as leaders to look after a group together with a team from a church, circuit or District. As safer recruited leaders these young people will be entitled to a free leaders ticket. But their time at 3Generate will be dedicated to looking after and working with and being accommodated alongside their group and will not be able to join the 19-23 group.


Travel and Financial Support

Some Churches, Circuits or Districts may be organising to travel together by coach, minibus or train. Others may be offering financial support for people to attend 3Generate. Please contact your Church, Circuit or District office or one of the people listed above who will be able to answer your questions. 


3Generate 2017 Programme and Support

3Generate 2017 is going to be a new and exciting event in the journey of our Children and Youth Assembly. As you know we have already introduced a new simpler booking system and we are inviting groups to attend the event, children's and youth leaders together with their young people. We have a bigger venue with room to expand so hopefully the changes we have made will allow us to develop the event in coming years.

In terms of programming, the planning has just got under way with links to local shaper groups across the country. This year's programme will be presented in a new way to previous years. The facilities at our new venue allow us to introduce all age activities and sessions where children and young people, together with their leaders, will be able to engage together, yet also allow them to engage with their peers during other sessions, whilst their leaders attend "The Well" type presentations.



For the latest updates, please follow 3Generate on Facebook or Twitter. You can also sign-up for the Well emails, sent out by Methodist Children and Youth, which will keep you up to date on all 3Gen news.

The 3Generate Forms page will be updated regularly during the coming months. 

If you need more information you can contact us here:



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24th - 26th November 2017
In 2017, for the first time, youth and children's leaders are invited to accompany their groups to 3Generate, where there will be a leaders' programme, as well as sessions together with the young people. Bookings for 3Generate 2017 will open on 24th April.