Grants Awarded in 2016/17

Projects funded during 2016/17

Grants requested and awarded, as at 31 May 2017. 


Requested Budget Awarded Balance

Mission in Britain 

£4.5 m

£2.4 m

£1.9 m



£4.6 m

£1.6 m

£1.6 m







Connexional Priority 


£1.4 m




£9.3 m

£5.6 m

£4.7 m


These figures are rounded and not the final totals for 2016/17.

Cameroonian Community Christian Fellowship

Chaplaincy to New Housing Developments in Wantage and Abingdon Circuit

Our chaplaincy-based proposal is grounded on our aspiration to have a visible Christian presence in our new housing areas. Although some people moving into these areas will have church allegiances the great majority will have no church allegiance. Many will be unchurched, with no link to the Christian story or acquaintance with religious concepts or language. Such people are unlikely to attend an event or go into a building to take part in activities which make them feel lost, vulnerable or hostile, and which do not speak to them. Responding to such situations requires a ministry which seeks to join people where they meet in their ordinary everyday lives, with their consent, listening non-judgmentally, desiring only to serve, without preaching or pressure of any kind.

Grant award £30,000

Bristol Methodist Centre

The Bristol Methodist Centre has been offering shelter, sanctuary and support to the homeless, vulnerable and excluded for almost 30 years, offering an open door to up to 100 people every day. Following a strategic review in 2014, it was however decided that the premises were no longer fit for purpose and a move to somewhere more suitable was necessary. With 50% more floor space internally, a large garden and patio area, the recently closed Lawrence Hill Methodist Church in Lincoln Street, Lawrence Hill presented the ideal solution and in November 2015, following an extensive refurbishment programme, and funded through Circuit and charitable trusts, the Centre opened to guests.

Based in one of the most deprived wards in the south west of England, Lincoln Street will allow the Bristol Methodist Centre to continue its mission, offering a number of support services as well as creating a community within which guests feel welcome, safe and valued as individual members. The Centre provides a prayer and quiet space and specifically provides the opportunity for any staff and guests to share in organised or personal prayers. The BMC sees up to 100 people per day during the week. Numbers are steadily increasing as is the variety of needs presented. 

Grant award £50,000

Cleveland and Danby Circuit

Derbyshire Agricultural Chaplaincy

Fund for Human Need

Heritage Open Doors - Oxford

This Heritage and Mission Development Officer will help the congregation plan and implement a new strand of mission based on the heritage of Methodism in Oxford. Project activities are likely to cover the following:  

  • engage the congregation (building on the experience of a new musical written by one of our young members, on the life of John and Charles Wesley, to be performed in Feb 2017);
  • recruit and train volunteers, from the congregation and circuit and perhaps wider, to provide an informed and sympathetic welcome to visitors and to users of our premises;
  • research the Methodist heritage in Oxford;
  • provide a series of displays in a new atrium, and audio guides for use in the sanctuary, showing our heritage and how it links to mission;
  • produce events targeted at attracting Methodists from outside Oxford, including organised groups from overseas;
  • use our heritage engagement to stimulate the current membership to reflect on Methodism in Oxford, and thereby using that to change or confirm what we do.
  • reinforce and build partnerships with institutions in Oxford to attract general tourists, and with Methodist institutions in the District and nationwide to attract Methodist visitors.
  • encourage a world-wide appreciation of Methodism by a web presence tailored to the needs of a global audience.

Grant award £99,000

Lozells Methodist Community Centre

Meon Valley Circuit, 'Elemental'

Methodist Action (North West)

Newcastle Airport Chaplaincy

Peak Park Rural Development Enabler


South Lakes Circuit, Tourist Chaplaincy

Stamford Methodist Youth Outreach Worker

We want to continue and expand the already established chaplaincy at Stamford 6th Form College.  This work was begun in 2011 when the Circuit first appointed a Youth Outreach Worker (YOW), and runs alongside work in a number of primary and secondary schools that feed pupils into the College along with young people from the South Lincs area and also parts of Cambridgeshire and Rutland. 

College Chaplaincy began in a small way in partnership with the Salvation Army in Stamford.  This specific partnership has now ended.  The College has, however, asked for our YOW to be responsible for Chaplaincy across the College, expanding the service to offer 5-day contact throughout the school year. In addition to providing Chaplaincy contact, pastoral care and support to individual students and staff, the YOW offers services to mark seasonal events such as Christmas, Easter and Remembrance Day as well as elective sessions and welcome packs for new students.  Of special importance is the ability of the YOW to respond very quickly to a situation of pastoral need as when a student recently lost his father.  The YOW provided immediate support and ongoing pastoral care enabling the student to resume his studies in a relatively short space of time.

Grant award £55,000

Christians Against Poverty Debt Centre - Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield, Panshanger Church

This project will employ an additional member of staff so that the centre can operate more effectively and reach more people in the community who are struggling with unmanageable debt. As a Debt Centre linked with local churches, our own objective is to reach those in our community who are struggling with their finances and are unable to move forward on their own to be released from debt.  We go to them, open about the fact that it is through our faith that we are called to help, as we believe that God loves them, and wants them to be set free from all the anxiety that debt causes, and to be in a relationship with them.  We offer friendship and support alongside the financial expertise, and invite them to be a part of the church community and find out more about Christianity when they are ready.   

Since opening, we have worked with over 50 clients, and have seen 25 clients become debt free. We see a real need to continue our work - both in terms of the demand in the community, and the success rate of becoming debt free when working with CAP. One of our clients spent 8 years working with another debt reduction agency, with no success. Within 4 months of working with CAP, she was debt-free.

We are currently working with 16 clients to help them to become debt free - either through repayment, or insolvency, and there are 5 more waiting for their first appointment to start the process. In the next year, we expect between 20 and 30 new clients will start to work with us, and that a similar number of clients will become debt free during the year. 

Grant award £45,776

Wirral Circuit, The Hope Journey

York District, One Opportunity

Chaplain for Zimbabwean Methodist Fellowship

The Methodist Church Zimbabwe Fellowship (MCZF) UK needs the grant in order to fulfil its mission of serving members of the Methodist Church who are of Zimbabwean origin by ensuring that platforms are created to encourage these members to integrate in the MCB and to actively participate in the life of the Church. Please contact the Fellowship or the Grants Team if you are looking for increased integration between members of the Zimbabwean Fellowship and the Methodist Church.

Grant award £72,500

Women Breaking Free, Touchstone, Bradford

Women Breaking free is a project to support and empower adult women survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  It is unique in offering both dedicated one to one counselling plus the opportunity to explore spirituality and creativity in a safe environment of acceptance. Women Breaking Free provides a high quality, integrated counselling with person-centred principles, which is particularly aware of clients with dissociation following trauma.  Alongside this one to one opportunity to speak in confidence; retreat days offer the possibility to explore creativity and spirituality, creative writing and prayer where appropriate. Women Breaking Free offers affordable and high quality service to survivors who may experience Church and God in very different ways; frightening or supportive, the place of abuse or a place of sanctuary.  The grant will provide a counselling service of 208 counselling hours per year in the first year and 416 from year 2 plus 3 retreat days per year totalling 21 hours.  It is a response to the Past Cases Review priority on addressing survivor needs of an excellent service for sustained and continuing support as survivors move through trauma to personal flourishing.

Grant award £136,446

Birmingham District University Chaplaincy 

This project continues successful coordination of chaplaincy across universities in Birmingham District,

Grant award £127,768


Non-Methodist Organisations


Dalit Solidarity Network

The Feast

Ministry at Work, Staffordshire

Ministry at Work is an ecumenical charity involved in mission to the business community. Founded in 2012 by Mo Trudel, the principal geographical focus, to date, has been Staffordshire with a clear emphasis on the Potteries/North Staffs conurbation. Ministry at Work believes that there is a call from God to respond to the needs of individuals in business, especially where those are not being met through established church structures.

The work environment occupies a large proportion of many people's lives and we believe there is a huge opportunity for God's blessing to be released in this arena. This is complementary to existing church networks. At a strategic level faith has a much bigger role to play and at personal levels the journey taken by those through their working lives deserves support, time, care and individual attention. We offer one to one support for individuals - this takes the form of Chaplaincy, listening and journeying with an individual meeting them at their point of need. Sometimes it takes the form more in line with Spiritual Companionship where an individual wants more faith based discussions, and often it is a mix of the two. The Christians who are linked to M@W naturally form a support network to those they work with, overall we plan to build on:

  • Christian principles of behaviour at work (employers treating employees well for example)
  • Speaking at secular conferences where an ethical voice needs to be heard in civic society
  • Being a Christian presence at, inter alia, Chambers of Commerce, Rotary, multi faith organisations and social justice movements where the business community has a responsibility to make an ethical voice heard.

Grant award £75,000

SCM Connect

The SCM Connect project aims to support young adults to grow in faith and discipleship during the critical transition from further education to university. The project will connect them to student groups, churches and chaplaincy communities in their university town or city and to a national community of Christian students through regional and national events, and online engagement. It is a response to the decline in student-led groups on campus and a decline in student church attendance - research has shown that a majority of Christian students are not part of communities like churches or student societies at university, and much of the current provision neglects the rich diversity of the Christian faith held by a significant number of young people in Britain today.

The focus of the project over the next three years will be on expanding a directory to cover every university area, supporting virtual and face-to-face communities in each location and running national youth outreach activities. To do this, we plan to employ a new full-time national project worker based in Birmingham to coordinate the project. Local Methodist churches and university chaplaincies will be vital partners in supporting students coming to universities in the next three years. 

Grant award £38,025 

Upbeat Communities

Property Projects

Hall Green United Community Church 5/1 Birmingham/ Birmingham £150,000
Four Oaks Methodist Church 5/4 Birmingham/Sutton Park £80,000
Keswick Methodist Church 9/6 Cumbria/Keswick and Cockermouth £40,000
Winterley Methodist Church 11/8 Chester, Stoke on Trent/Cheshire South £25,000
Middleton in Teesdale Methodist Church 13/17 Darlington/Barnard Castle and Teesdale £50,000
Swaffham Methodist Church  14/15 East Anglia /Central Norfolk  £75,000
Histon Methodist Church 14/26 East Anglia/Cambridge £70,000
Hollingworth Methodist   Church 19/21 Manchester/Glossop £5,000
Brunswick Methodist Church 20/1 Newcastle upon Tyne (Central and East) £48,090
Trinity URC & Great Harwood MC 21/3  Lancashire/North Lancashire £200,000
Bingham Rd, Cotgrave 22/2 Notts & Derby/ Nottingham (South) £100,000
Wesley Memorial Methodist Church 23/1 Northampton/ Oxford £180,000
Hillsborough Trinity Methodist Church 25/1 Sheffield / Sheffield - Trinity Hillsborough £125,000
Hasland Church Sanctuary 25/10 Sheffield/Chesterfield £26,000
The King's Cross Church 25/14 Sheffield/ Doncaster £50,000
Wimborne Methodist Church 26/10 Southampton/Christchurch and Wimborne £15,000
Main Street, Malham 27/18 W Yorkshire/ Skipton and Grassington £70,000
St Lawrence's Church - Eldwick 27/31 W Yorkshire/Airedale £80,000
Westgate, Baildon, Shipley 27/32 W Yorkshire/  Bradford North £150,000
Albrighton Methodist Church 28/21 Wolverhampton & Shrewsbury / Telford £40,000
Haxby and Wigginton MC 29/33 York and Hull /York £100,000
Acomb Methodist Church 29/33 York and Hull /York £100,000
Middle Street, Driffield 29/35 York and Hull/ Driffield-Hornsea £200,000
Perth Methodist Church 31/11 Scotland/ Angus, Dundee and Perthshire  £50,000
Marlborough Rd St Albans 34/13 Beds Essex & Herts/St Albans and Welwyn £20,000
Gravesend Methodist Church 36/21 South East/North Kent £100,000

Updated 7/6/2017

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